With all of us in various stages of re-opening, we have had lots of time to pause, take a breath and reassess.

Many industry leaders have challenged us to question and re-evaluate our businesses… essentially, to take this unforeseen event (and as some would say an opportunity) to ‘hit the reset’. Club business proficiency will be more important than ever in order to rebuild. Now is the time to take stock and use the industry experience effectively to optimize our revenue and profit centres.

According to the 2019 IRHSA Profiles of Success Report, SGT is the MOST profitable department producing a margin of 43.7%. This is something successful club owners and General Managers have known for a while now, whereas on the other hand, others still struggle to achieve. Club owners are wanting to launch successful SGT / Team training departments as they are aware of the importance this profit would have on their businesses – especially now! Their experience has been that over the years of trying to keep up with the trends, they have fallen into the trap of adding more and more free class offerings to their timetables – HIIT, CORE, boxing, bootcamp classes… in fact, anything ‘new’ to try and prove to members that they are being innovative and offering the ‘latest’.

They are now trapped in having to literally offer 100’s of free classes a week on their timetables when in fact, many of these offerings would be better suited to being delivered in a paid small group format. These free classes unfortunately translate directly to a huge cost in weekly wages and members asking for even more!

Ironically, the success of many clubs SGT/ Team Training departments (and in return their financial success) is in effect being hamstrung by their very own free class offerings.

Starting fresh is now a reality. Now is the time to improve the balance of our exercise offerings (free and SGT / Team Training) to increase our much-needed bottom line. Now is the time to partner and outsource the very best SGT on the market. Gone are the days of simply operating GF and PT as our exercise offerings combined with a smattering of trainer-driven unsuccessful team training.

Consider redesigning your environment and commit to a proven SGT model that is profitable and offers a full turn-key solution from training, marketing, a suite of programs, ongoing business support, and continual real time marketing support.

When opening our doors again, we know that it will be different. Our members and communities are coming out of isolation. Several have been in a world of virtual connection and will be seeking real social connections. This has been proven to be true in other countries who have opened around the world. The demand for expert team training that connects members back to our clubs, and to each other, has exceeded expectations and has driven much needed revenue.

Don’t let this opportunity pass you by. Look after your members and offer them something new. They will love you for it!

Sue Richard is the co-founder of TRIBE Team Training® as well as a successful full-service facility club owner for 12+ years. She can be reached at info@tribeteamtraining.com or visit tribeteamtraining.com.

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