The Virtual Fitness & Recreation Industry Technology Summit this week brings FREE webinar #13 to you and you’ll love this one!

Once upon a time a letterbox drop and a small blurb in the local newspaper drove massive growth.  With the advent of social media and other digital platforms, traditional marketing methods and tactics are no longer enough to keep the doors open for your business.

Digital savvy, self-informed and newsfeed active customers are the driving force behind the disruption to marketing and sales for all types of businesses, but especially those that have traditionally relied on local activity and community relationships.

Key Takeaways:

In this session, Sally will unpack how your business can:

  • Leverage social media to build and maintain a loyal community of raving fans
  • Optimise your marketing operations processes to scale activity without spending a fortune or having a large team
  • Connect influence KPIs to business objectives
  • Feed the ego of social media algorithms to drive top of newsfeed placement
Thursday 18th November @ 3.30pm AEDT (Sydney time)