Find out how building and promoting your unique brand is important in building a successful business.

Have you ever experienced the dreaded empty studio when a class is supposed to start? It can be disheartening and confusing. Your classes are great, you prep the perfect sequences, transitions, and playlists, but no one shows up for your amazing class that you spent time creating. While there can be many reasons (pandemic included), this doesn’t have to be the norm.

This is where building, and promoting, your unique brand comes in.

Chances are, you didn’t start teaching, coaching, and training because you have a passion for marketing. However, your brand is an important element for growth, especially when first starting out, so here are some ways you can effectively reach your target audience.

As a yoga studio owner, and a professional marketer by day, I’ve learned a few tried and true tips to fill your studio and even start waitlisting your classes. These five actions will help you establish your brand and give you practical next steps to start promotions, right away.

Be authentic

This is a vital part of establishing your brand. Whatever you do and however you promote yourself, show up as your truest self. Whether you are passionate about your vegan lifestyle, are a carnivore through and through, are serious or goofy, structured or go-with-the-flow, make sure to show up as YOU!

You don’t need to be perfect or have it all figured out. By focusing on authenticity, you will be able to build a brand that is unlike anyone else because you are highlighting what makes you stand out. Don’t worry about being everyone’s cup of tea because the right people will connect with your authentic representation.

Be consistent

Just like a workout plan, you won’t get results if you promote your brand “every once in a while.”Creating a brand and extending your reach so your community knows about you takes time and consistency. Even if you have the most amazing post or ad, someone might miss it if they are traveling, distracted, or not in the headspace when they see it.

Building out a schedule can be incredibly helpful so plan ahead to ensure that your promotions make it out into the world.

Make it a point to post at least 5x a week with different content, promoting your upcoming class. This taps into the first point about being authentic; share inspirational quotes, success stories from your clients, tips on form, your favorite recipe/snack, or even a behind the scenes look at your class prep. If you make sure that each post has value, and is consistently posted, you will gain a loyal group of followers who will build a connection with your brand.

Be strategic

Everyone has a preferred platform to follow instructors, coaches, and studio owners. You might also have your own preferences for what algorithms favor your type of content. However, all preferences aside, be strategic and intentional about where you post.

Pick your platforms based on where you are seeing the most engagement and then share on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, your website, etc. Share over and over and over again.  Not everyone is online at the same time, let alone uses the same social media app, so make sure you are showing up where your audience is online.

You might need to try out different apps, different types of content (i.e., reels vs. stories vs. live sessions), different times of day, and different hashtags to find the right combination that gets the likes and shares you need to grow your brand.

Share the love

Take pics of your favorite students and tag them (with permission), sharing how proud you are of them and their journey. It doesn’t have to be their amazing weight loss journey, with a before and after picture, it can be any activity you want to share.

Try celebrating an extra set, a little more mobility, a steady streak of classes taken, a new move learned, or a fresh perspective shared. Not only will your students feel appreciated and seen, but the people who pay attention to your brand will build a greater connection with you. This will draw people in as they see themselves in your current students and give them a reason to stop in for a journey of their own.

Tell your story

As humans, we love to hear that others have similar thoughts, experiences, and ideas. It helps us feel seen and recognized. Telling your personal story is a powerful way to build relationships and loyalty with your client base. You never know what parts of your story will draw out something new in someone else, making the world a better place.

If you started your own journey due to a health crisis, share what you can so others in the same situation can see a way out. If you are still struggling in certain areas, consider opening up, so that your clients can be encouraged and know they aren’t alone.

This also ties into the first point about authenticity. Don’t overshare or dive into areas of your story that you don’t feel comfortable making public. Simply because you are building a brand doesn’t mean you need to get too personal to make an impact. The goal here is to humanize yourself and build connection by sharing parts of your story.

Whether you are a seasoned instructor or just starting out, building your brand, and then promoting it is crucial for long term success. These five tips can help you build out a unique position in the marketplace and hopefully ramp up your promotion so you can keep your classrooms filled and students engaged. You have so much to offer so let’s make sure every interaction counts!

by Brittany Corners

About the Author

Brittany is the VP of Marketing for Burnalong. She has a proven track record over the past 15 years of successfully driving marketing and website development initiatives while making data-driven decisions to support business needs. Connections are at the heart of what she does, which is why she is constantly motivated to deliver meaningful solutions through marketing programs and efforts. In addition to being an executive marketing leader, Brittany is also a 500 RYT yoga instructor and co-owner of Moonbird Yoga located near St. Louis, MO.