Despite the struggles endured by many fitness businesses last year, Infinite Cycle – Australia’s only virtual cycle studios – announced in September that it was set to launch 15 new venues in the coming year.

An expansion plan driven largely by the recruitment of two new members to the executive team and engagement of consultancy company, Fitness Business Sales, to launch the franchise into marketplace and conduct the recruitment of new franchisees.

Damien Bain, the brand’s Chief Operations Officer, explained:

“In four months, Infinite Cycle has grown by 400 per cent, from 3 to 12 studios.”

“Infinite Cycle has opened in three different states (Queensland, Victoria and New South Wales), and has expansion plans to grow to 20 studios within the next 6 months.”

Indoor cycling has grown in popularity over the past 12 months; for many, it’s a preferred fitness pursuit because it’s safe – everyone has their own bike, they’re physically distanced in the studio, the bikes are easy to sanitise.

Bain said:

“Infinite Cycle is unique for many reasons. For example, the bike we use are different. They allow your joints freedom, so that unnatural stress isn’t placed on your body. They’re responsive – meaning they tilt 22 degrees each way – which helps you to burn 20 per cent more calories compared to a regular stationary bike. Additionally, the technology we use enables you to track your progress in real time during a class, with a summary delivered directly to your phone. These and so many other reasons are why the Indoor Cycling Experience is rapidly growing in Australia.”

“The digitally-enhanced experience is the only indoor cycle that has personal avatars on the screens, so participants can see themselves riding in a virtual world in real time. And with the newly refined systems and processes that we’ve recently integrated, it’s probable that our franchisees will be running cash flow positive studios within their first couple of months in operation.”

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