Have a listen to this 45-minute #GymTalk with Fitness Australia’s CEO, and decide for yourself.

In what may be the most open and frank discussion recorded to-date with Fitness Australia’s CEO, Bill Moore, Eugene Downing extracts some fascinating insights into our ever-changing and dynamic industry.

In this enlightening 45-minute dialogue, Bill suggests that during the last two years, we’ve seen change that is equivalent to what’s occurred in the past ten years; and in the past six months, we’ve experienced a level of change that is equivalent to a typical 18 months’ worth of growth and development.

He also addresses the role and potential impact of technology on the industry, including data usage and application from wearables, and the impact of virtual on employment.

Bill reveals what keeps him awake at nights is whether we are “protecting what we built” (i.e., protecting the industry’s people, infrastructure and systems), because he suspects there is a risk that we aren’t.

Bill states, “We are very good at building world class things here in Australia”, yet he believes that “class rates for instructors have been static for 20 years.”

Bill reveals that his focus as CEO, needs to be on “carefully and confidently navigating the ever-increasing, complex archepelligo of a changing fitness environment. And we have to make sure we look after our industry on the way through.”

Bill acknowledges that today, we consume our fitness in different ways compared to how we used to; and one impact of this is that the actual nature of a group fitness class changes. Because not only can we choose the type of class, or the instructor, but also the length of it too. So how does this impact on music licensing, where we currently pay tariffs based on classes that go for an hour – what about classes that go for half an hour? This sort of issue is what Bill identifies as “the big game” for the peak national body that is Fitness Australia.

You won’t want to miss the information that Bill delves into in this #GymTalk. So grab a cuppa, settle in, enjoy and be sure to share your thoughts, reactions and responses to Bill’s insights. We can’t wait to hear what you think.