The game changing fitness solution that integrates live interactive classes with a compact, stylish gym.

Now more than ever, Australian’s are recognising the importance of fitness and general wellness, and with the rise of the at-home workout boom there are more fitness offerings than ever before.

Yet nearly all come with compromise. Life’s competing priorities make it hard to get to a physical gym. Pre-recorded content lacks motivation. Zoom style classes are limited in their range of classes and technical quality. Online home workout products are rarely integrated with equipment and lack personal connection and motivation. Until now, there hasn’t been a fitness solution that is without compromise.

Enter FLOE, integrating live two-way video technology with premium home gym equipment, to fit into your lifestyle and home. The combination of a stylish all-in-one home gym with access to real- time live training programs is a world first. Now you can get all the motivation and accountability you want from a genuine gym experience where the instructors know your name, plus the convenience of working out from home with a beautifully designed home gym that packs down into a minimalist piece of furniture.

FLOE’s founders, Mark Blackman and Dan O’Dea, were responsible for setting up the Virgin Active health club business in Australia and Asia. They understand the importance of human connection in keeping people motivated to achieve their fitness goals.

FLOE combines that connection with a compact, stylish equipment solution to deliver all the benefits of a physical gym, in the convenience of people’s homes. It’s fitness that fits.

How Does it Work?

Sign up to the Live Class membership:

FLOE offers over 100 live classes per week, including a large number of classes that do not require equipment. Class types include HIIT, Pilates, Yoga & Strength. All classes are streamed LIVE from FLOE’s purpose-built studios. The class membership gives you unlimited access to these live classes, through the FLOE App.

Add your optional FLOE Gym for a fully integrated fitness solution from home:

The FLOE Gym is designed with FLOE classes in mind. Housing equipment for Strength, Cardio, Pilates, HIIT and Yoga classes in one compact, stylishly designed FLOE Box; a furniture grade plywood storage unit that transforms into a workout bench and Barre. It’s a piece that looks at home in even the most stylishly designed homes. Unlike traditional home gyms, the FLOE kit is thoughtfully paired with the Live Class membership so you are getting the most out of the equipment and being trained how to best use it.

Download the FLOE Fitness app and choose your workouts:

With over 100 LIVE classes a week, you’ll experience the convenience of a full gym timetable.

Jump into a live class:

Set up your premium device stand that comes with your membership (no need to stack stools or precariously place your device on a bookshelf!) and get ready to workout through the app. The instructor will be coaching you from a purpose-built studio, where the technology allows the instructor to clearly see you so there’s plenty of motivation (not to mention accountability!).

Class Only Membership: $29 Launch Offer – unlimited classes for 1 month; no lock-in contract. Includes device stand. Continued subscription $19 per week.

FLOE Gym & Membership: $1,995 – FLOE’s complete home gym purchased outright, with included class membership for 1 month. No lock-in contract. Continued class membership subscription $19 per week.