Active Management reveals three new dimensions to its globally popular podcast.

The Fitness Business Podcast that has over 145K downloads and produced 127 shows, including the latest 4 part Retention Intensive with Paul Brown, is now a three dimensional podcast – a one of a kind in the global fitness industry.

Dimension 1 – Standard Podcast Platforms

You can listen to The Fitness Business Podcast directly from iTunes or from You can subscribe on iTunes, so that it automatically appears in your Podcast player every week. I highly recommend subscribing on the website, as you then receive the show notes as well as the audio file. The added benefit of the show notes is that we proudly sponsor the weekly transcription of every interview! You can download the main interview transcription and use it for staff training or cementing your learnings – an amazing free resource for you.

Dimension 2 – YouTube

The Fitness Business Podcast now has a YouTube channel – click here to visit the channel. You can now watch and listen to the podcast directly from YouTube. Plus you’ll never miss Chantal in her bi-weekly video updates, where she shares lessons she has learned from our guests.

Dimension 3 – #FBPFamily Meetups

The #FBPfamily Meetup is an opportunity for listeners to meet each other! These are ‘active’ networking opportunities on the first day of fitness conferences around the world. They are free, simple, non-intimidating, fun and involve a walking networking catch up to connect with other #FBPfamily members and get your conference off to an amazing start. Most importantly everyone is welcome, no matter your role in a fitness business.

Upcoming meetups are:

  • United States – Club Industry #FBPfamily Meetup – Wednesday 4th October –RSVP Now
  • New Zealand – FitEx #FBPfamily Meetup – Saturday 25th November – RSVP Now
  • United States – IHRSA #FBPfamily Meetup – Wednesday 21st March – Save the date
  • Australia – Filex #FBPfamily Meetup – Friday 20th April – Save the date

We are proud partners in The Fitness Business Podcast as the quality of information that is shared will help you get your #hustlemodeon in your fitness business – no matter your career in our amazing industry!

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