Australia’s most innovative recovery studio is opening its doors in Sydney. Find all the best restoration tools and modalities under one roof at this world-class wellness facility.

Dreaming about hitting your loftiest fitness goals or becoming your healthiest self? It’s time to look more closely at how you’re resting and repairing your body between sessions.

Recovery Lab is here to help you do just that by putting a range of cutting-edge wellness therapies, tools, and knowledge at your fingertips. With centres already open in Townsville, Brisbane and Melbourne, Recovery Lab is now launching its first studio in Sydney at Brookvale.


Built around the knowledge that no two recovery routines will be the same, Recovery Lab offers a huge range of modalities. The team at Recovery Lab can customise your Recovery routine based on your individual needs or you can Curate your own custom regimen with:

NuCalm®: A world-first patented neuroscience device that helps to lower stress levels and promote better sleep.

Infrared sauna: A ‘dry heat’ sauna that warms the body using infrared rays to promote muscle healing, reduce soreness, and detoxify the body.

Compression boots: NormaTec’s dynamic air compression boots work to massage the legs and enhance circulation.

Ice baths: Purpose-built cold therapy baths to help your central nervous system whilst also training your vagus nerve. Also soothing inflamed muscles and boosting post-workout or injury recovery.

Compex Electrical Muscle Stimulation (‘EMS’): EMS devices deliver electronic pulses to nerve fibres causing muscle contraction.

Massage guns: Recovery Lab is home to industry leading Hyperice models which help to decrease lactic acid levels while improving lymphatic function and blood flow.


Anyone and everyone – from professional athletes to weekend warriors – will benefit from attending Recovery Lab. Make sessions at Recovery Lab regular in your routine and you’ll quickly reap the rewards including better sleep and mental clarity, faster muscle healing, and reduced stress.

Want to hear more? Visit and check out @recoverylab.hq on Instagram.