Train smarter, achieve more: the world’s first wireless, auto- inflating blood flow restriction cuffs have landed.

The BFR Cuffs by SAGA Fitness have launched in Australia and they’re set to completely change the game when it comes to strength training.

Named after Sága, the Norse goddess of wisdom, SAGA Fitness is set to empower gym-goers of all levels to get more out of their workouts.

Designed to enable users to take a ‘work smarter’ approach when it comes to lifting weights, The BFR Cuffs will have you smashing your strength and aesthetic goals while using lighter weights and ultimately, spending less hours in the gym. The result? Accelerated gains, maximal results, achieved with less recovery.

If you’re new to the concept of BFR training (which stands for blood flow restriction), it involves low-intensity exercise while wearing constrictive bands designed to reduce the amount of oxygen supplied to muscles. The result? Accelerated gains, maximal results, achieved with less recovery.

Professional athletes have been in on the secret of BFR training for a while now. But, until now, the concept hadn’t taken off in the wider consumer fitness product market…

Why? Quite simply, the only products previously available to implement BFR training were completely non-user friendly. They involved the application of bulky or wired BFR bands which took a lot of manual labour to inflate. Plus, a heap of guesswork on behalf of the user to determine how much pressure should be applied and how much time should be spent using the bands. And all this effort came with no guarantee that what you were doing would actually work.

The BFR Cuffs by SAGA effortlessly solve these problems. The devices are completely wireless, feature personalised calibration and auto-inflate. Plus, they’re equipped with Bluetooth connectivity and are controlled via the SAGA fitness app which includes training tips and video demonstrations for a variety of fitness goals.

Behind SAGA Fitness is global leader in human measurement technologies, VALD. VALD specialises in arming athletes, tactical defence professionals, and allied health organisations with powerful data to enhance their performance. When consumer demand for science-based, results-driven fitness products began to escalate over the last couple of years, VALD was perfectly poised to develop an industry- disrupting, world-class tool that’s accessible to all.

From the gym-newcomer to the dedicated CrossFit athlete or the professional sports player, SAGA Fitness BFR Cuffs are suitable – and highly beneficial – for every level of fitness experience and experti

Product Information

SAGA Fitness BFR Cuffs, $249, are available in two sizes now from To purchase SAGA Fitness BFR Cuffs, or for more information, please visit | @sagafitness.official