Australia’s original video production services for the fitness industry, Gym Click Media, is about to revolutionise the marketing landscape for health clubs, thanks to the launch of Gym Click 360.

When it comes to true innovation in the marketing of gyms, you’d be forgiven for thinking that original strategies are in limited supply.

This landscape however, is – literally – changing, thanks to our brand new offering, which enables Australian health clubs to directly access cutting-edge infrared 3D scanning technology – which up until now, has typically been reserved to sell high-end real estate properties.

Gym Click 360 uses complex 3D scanning technology that has been successfully used by the REA Group on Australia’s largest real estate portal, The response to property advertisements that integrate 3D mapping is exceptional. Buyers are 60% more likely to email an agent and 95% more likely to call an agent about a property listing they’ve seen on the site that includes an infrared 3D Showcase (source: Mixpanel Analytics, iOS app).

Imagine, therefore, how engaging it will be, when your website and social media pages deliver a comprehensive 3D virtual tour of your entire club, with branded educational video clips embedded throughout? In one fell swoop you will visually convey the unique offerings of your club (with the interactive 3D render), while also confirming your club’s position as the local expert (through the embedded educational video clips).

Gym Click Media has invested in this revolutionary, sophisticated and proven technology, because we clearly saw the potential value it can offer fitness businesses, and how effective it will be at skyrocketing sales and membership stats for these savvy operators.

Our co-founder and 3D Scanning technician, Tian Jay says:

“Like many sectors, businesses in the fitness industry are crying out for new and proven ways to grab and keep the attention of prospects and leads. So when we discovered how this technology works and the results it delivers in the real estate industry, it was a no-brainer for us to invest.”

“We’re so passionate about helping our fellow fitness businesses become as successful as possible,” adds Jay’s co-founder, Eugene Downing. “This game-changing technology has the ability for Australian health clubs to succinctly convey their unique selling points in a new, engaging and convincing way, so we’re really excited to be able to deliver this opportunity.”

What’s involved?

The scanning of the facility occurs by moving a purpose-built camera in increments of 1.5 metres, from one point to another until the entire facility is mapped in 3D.

We offer all-inclusive packages, which include the embedding of educational videos throughout the final version of your 3D virtual club tour. For such clients, those additional four to six educational videos are purpose-shot for the virtual environment, and they’re typically captured on the same day as the 3D scans (time permitting).

Processing the scans, and editing video content for embedding (if required), involve hours of post-production, but turnaround time from initial scans to the final delivery of your 3D virtual club tour, typically occurs in around two weeks.

What does Gym Click 360 include?

  • A complete, comprehensive and detailed 3D virtual club tour of your facility.
  • Monthly high-speed hosting for the 3D scans, to ensure website ‘loading’ remains fast and reliable.
  • The opportunity to custom-create educational videos and have them embedded throughout your 3D virtual club tour.
  • The opportunity to optimise your digital reach, by integrating your 3D virtual tour into your Google Street View (this service is available for an additional fee as it may require additional editing).

How much does it cost?

The price to map a facility in 3D is dependent on the size of the business; so naturally, larger facilities require more 3D scanning and therefore will require a higher investment compared to smaller-sized business.

For clubs that measure less than 100 square metres, scans start at $999+GST, and $75 per month for online hosting.

Find out more

Right now, we’re offering health clubs and fitness businesses a comprehensive Gym Click 360 package, which can be tailored to your specific needs and goals.

To learn more watch the official launch that took place at the 2018 Women’s Heath & Fitness Summit. Then contact us for a no-obligation consultation and quote.