The 2022 Virtual Tech Summit will start and finish with global experts delivering keynote presentations that will rock your socks!

As the fitness industry was clawing its way back to pre-pandemic performance, omicron impacted members and staff in a way no one had planned for.  The financial impact is huge, so it is welcome news that the new Virtual Technology Summit will be offered for free thanks to the amazing sponsors and supporters.

Justin Tamsett, Managing Director of Active Management and host of the Fitness Industry Technology Summit said:

“I am acutely aware, as are our sponsors, that for the past 24 months our industry, globally, has been decimated on every level – no need to go through the details as we have all lived through hell.  So thanks to the amazing, incredible and just indescribable phenomenal partners, sponsors and supporters we are making the 2022 Virtual Summit free,”

There are five time slots for concurrent sessions and each session is 45mins allowing 15mins for delegates to ask questions. Each time slot will have up to 6 sessions that delegates can choose from.

Tamsett said:

“We have been strategic in the selection of our content. We are not delivering sessions of what the future looks like for tech in the fitness industry – there have been plenty of those events. Owners and managers want leads, sales, retention now and so we have experts who will help with tech strategies now. There are no crystal balling sessions. They are for the real and the now world.” 

Additionally and for the first time ever, the CEO’s of AUSActive, IHRSA and ExerciseNZ will all speak concurrently delivering a national update on the industry to the delegates from their country. 

“This will be one of the most unique Summit’s ever held thanks to the support of the global and local partners.”

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