Scientifically engineered and rigorously tested to withstand high-volume use, SMART TECH was developed to help fitness centres to create the ultimate group fitness experience, which members will return for.

Great news! To enhance access to award-winning, premium SMART TECH fitness equipment (so clubs, Instructors and exercise enthusiasts can purchase it easily and conveniently, and receive the equipment quickly), Les Mills Asia Pacific has appointed PrimaFit– Indonesia’s leading supplier of world-class fitness equipment and services – as the local SMART TECH distributor in Indonesia.

Ryan Hogan, Chief Executive Officer at Les Mills Asia Pacific explains:

“Working out with SMART TECH equipment delivers better results in a shorter time. This is due to the increased muscle activation, maximised workouts and faster calorie burn that SMART TECH workouts deliver.”

He adds:

“This may explain why research has found that the quality of a gym’s fitness equipment directly impacts the group fitness experience; and the better their experience, the longer they stay with you, and the more often they’ll refer their friends. It’s fair to say, therefore, that great equipment is great for gyms, since it’s been identified as one of the top two reasons as to why people attend their fitness facility (the other being, location).”

Member experiences, therefore, are the secret to growing any fitness facility. This means that equipment investment is not a sunk cost but, instead, an opportunity to attract, retain and engage new and existing members alike.

Alex Quinders is the owner of Owner of Bali Fitness Seminyak. When he took over and refurbished this gym, he replaced the club’s old weights with SMART TECH equipment, saying:

“I’d used SMART TECH in Europe, so I understood the difference in quality compared to other brands. Our Instructors love being able to use SMART TECH in their classes, especially because nobody else in Bali has it; and the members appreciate the equipment because it’s very easy to handle and extremely ergonomic.”

Paradigm Fitness is a lifestyle club located in South Jakarta. Head of Group Fitness, Miho Araki says:

“The Paradigm concept is to always seek out the highest quality for our members. We are committed to finding the most effective equipment when it comes to material, grip and that which is easy on the human body. We like SMART TECH steps and bars for the quality and efficiency of use, as well as the great design. The barbell is easy on the wrists as it swivels when we curl or extend the arms. And the step feels solid when locked, and the non-slip surface feels safe. Our members like SMART TECH as it’s easy and fast to change weights, which helps with easier transitions between tracks. Other barbells don’t rotate when we flex or extend the arms and it’s much longer to change weights.”

Scientifically engineered and rigorously tested to withstand high-volume use, SMART TECH was developed to help fitness centres to create the ultimate group fitness experience, which members will return for.

The SMART TECH collection includes:

  • SMARTBAR® & Weights: As seen in BODYPUMP® and LES MILLS GRIT®, SMARTBAR® and weights are the leading barbell/weight plate system with multi-purpose design, made for faster, smoother transitions.
  • SMARTSTEP®: As seen in BODYPUMP®, BODYSTEP® and LES MILLS GRIT®, SMARTSTEP® is a dual-purpose cardio/strength step platform with a non-slip, robust locking system and guidelines.
  • MBX Mat: As seen in BODYBALANCE® and LES MILLS CORE, the Mind Body Exercise Mat (MBX Mat) is a dual surface yoga/fitness mat, engineered to withstand the rigours of group fitness, delivering optimal workout performance and a more comfortable exercise experience.

To understand the SMART TECH difference watch this informative video, visit the PrimaFit website, or to discuss your specific equipment needs, email


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