Les Mills Asia Pacific is excited to announce its new partnership with Aeromic Microphones Australia.

Les Mills Asia Pacific is excited to announce its new partnership with Aeromic Microphones Australia, the number one source of audio solutions for the fitness industry. From sweat-protected circuit boards to triple layer sweat-protected microphones, Aeromic offers innovations that boast maximum longevity in the sweaty world of fitness. Of course, this makes them the ideal partner for Les Mills Asia Pacific, considering that Les Mills are the world leader in group fitness solutions, offering 14 different workout programs including BODYPUMP®, BODYATTACK®, BODYCOMBAT® and RPM™ as well as club-based VIRTUAL and home-based ON DEMAND streaming options.

Globally, Les Mills workouts are licensed by 20,000 clubs in over 100 countries, with more than 140,000 accredited instructors delivering group workouts to over seven million participants weekly, which equates to a great number of Instructors who can benefit from truly sweat-proof equipment!

Aeromic’s Director, Andrew Zarounas said:

“Since 1994, we’ve been installing, supplying and manufacturing the very best audio products and solutions for gyms. And almost three decades on, we remain committed to delivering quality, reliability and a great customer experience.”

“Some of Aeromic’s products are made right here in Australia, including our world-famous ‘Aeromic’, which is the only sweat-resistant microphone on the market that comes with a two-year warranty, and which – along with the Cyclemic – are sold in over 20 countries around the world!”

Optimising group exercise to attract new and retain existing members, Les Mills provides state-of-the art Instructor training, premium SMART TECH fitness equipment, virtual fitness solutions through LES MILLS™ On Demand, comprehensive marketing support, and a unique Group Fitness Management system to help Clubs achieve their maximum business potential.

Les Mills Asia Pacific’s Chief Executive Officer, Ryan Hogan explained:

“As part of our commitment to helping Instructors achieve greatness, this partnership delivers a sensational 10% discount to Les Mills Instructors across Australia and Southeast Asia. To redeem this discount, Les Mills Instructors simply enter a unique discount code at the online checkouts at fitnessaudioshop.com.au (Australia) and jumpstart.com.my (Southeast Asia).”