Patients at The Lucy Rose Clinic, will reap the benefits of accessing scientifically designed group fitness classes.

Les Mills classes are the world’s most popular group fitness workouts, with more than six million sessions delivered per week in 110+ countries. And now, patients at The Lucy Rose Clinic, will reap the benefits of accessing scientifically designed group fitness classes such as BODYBALANCE® (yoga with elements of Pilates and Tai Chi), BODYPUMP® (resistance training) and BODYCOMBAT® (mixed martial arts).

The Lucy Rose Clinic specialises in thyroid health, and is at the forefront of evidence-based integrative healthcare, using the best of both conventional and complementary health solutions, to help get people feeling their best.

Lucy Herron, CEO of The Lucy Rose Clinic says:

“An integral part of the treatment plan for many Lucy Rose patients is exercise and regular physical activity.  So, we are delighted to be coming on board with Les Mills Asia Pacific. It enables us to round out the exercise component of our treatment program by giving our patients access to a broad range of workouts that really offers something for everyone. It allows us to cater to the whole family, regardless of their age, current fitness level or workout preferences.”

Through a Les Mills HealthHub membership, Lucy Rose patients will have online access to 100+ workouts via a unique offering called LES MILLS Content.

Ryan adds:

“LES MILLS Content enables clubs and other organisations such as The Lucy Rose Clinic, to host a library of pre-recorded Les Mills workouts on their own website or app.  These workouts are updated every three months and are akin to those accessible via the award-winning LES MILLS+ on-demand subscription service. By hosting this workout library in their own eco-system, clubs and organisations like The Lucy Rose Clinic keep their members and patients directly engaged with their brand. “It means they don’t need to go searching among competitors for an online exercise option.”

“LES MILLS Content is the ideal introduction to group fitness for people who are new to Les Mills or new to physical activity. Les Mills classes cater to all fitness levels with progressions available to challenge people as their fitness improves. Most workouts do not require any equipment and can all be done in the comfort and convenience of the participant’s home. This ensures people feel 100 per cent comfortable to explore all the different Les Mills programs so they can find the ones that best support their health and which they most enjoy; while also helping them gain familiarity with how group fitness classes work.”The Lucy Rose Clinic and Les Mills Asia Pacific partnership will run for an initial six months. LES MILLS content is now available to all Lucy Rose Clinic patients, with the library of workouts automatically updated every three months by Les Mills.

To find out more about how your organisation can offer Les Mills programs to your members or customers, contact your local Business Partnership Manger in Australia or Southeast Asia.


Les Mills is a global market leader in group fitness and team training solutions, delivered by 140,000 certified instructors in 21,000 clubs across 110 countries. Les Mills Asia Pacific services the Australia and Southeast Asia region including Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, Brunei, Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia, Maldives, Guam, Laos and Papua New Guinea.

Les Mills Asia Pacific offers the Ultimate Group Fitness Solution to keep your members connected to your club, and to reach new audiences with digital solutions both inside and outside your physical location. These include live and LES MILLS® Virtual classes in fitness facilities; on-demand classes for use at home or while travelling via LES MILLS+;  LES MILLS Content (enabling you to host over 100 Les Mills workouts on your own website or app); award-winning, premium SMART TECH fitness equipment (for use in facilities or at home); live-streaming solutions; comprehensive marketing support; world-class Instructor training;  and a proven Group Fitness Management system to help clubs achieve their maximum business potential.


LES MILLS Content is a new profit centre to help clubs and fitness facilities better engage their members, so they fall in love with fitness and achieve their goals faster. LES MILLS Content is a cost-effective digital solution that enables clubs and fitness facilities to host 100+ LES MILLS workout videos, which members then access via the club’s own app or website. These include world’s most popular workouts such as including BODYBALANCE® (yoga with elements of Pilates and Tai Chi), BODYPUMP® (resistance training), BODYCOMBAT® (mixed martial arts), LES MILLS GRIT® (high intensity interval training). The key features of LES MILLS Content are:

  • 100+ videos including equipment and non-equipment workouts, technique tips and mindfulness videos.
  • New Releases every Quarter, to keep your content fresh and your members engaged.
  • Royalty-free music, so you’ll never have licensing issues.
  • Ability to host LES MILLS Content within your own app or website.

To find out more about LES MILLS Content and how it can help future-proof your club or facility against pandemic-related impacts, contact your local Les Mills Asia Pacific Business Partnership Manager in Australia or Southeast Asia.


Founded in 2012, The Lucy Rose Clinic is an Australia-wide naturopathic Thyroid and Hormonal Health Clinic. They use a combination of the latest scientific and natural health research combined with state-of-the-art functional testing to identify the cause of their patients’ symptoms. They then use the results of their testing to develop a personalised treatment plan to return their patients to optimal health and vitality. The Lucy Rose Clinic is a telehealth service.