A day of virtual education, meaningful discussions and moving together for change.

Worldwide, we are experiencing a historic movement for racial justice, equity and representation globally. This movement has provided an opportunity to affect change in every industry, every workplace, on the streets and in our homes. It has allowed all of us to take a long, hard look at ourselves, our company cultures, and to start meaningful conversations.

As a product of those conversations, LES MILLS, POUND and Piloxing have joined forces to continue this work on a greater scale. We believe that we have not done enough, that our industry has not done enough, and that it is time for meaningful, continual and irreversible change.

TOGETHER WE RISE is a virtual event dedicated to further educating ourselves and our communities in racial equity, amplifying impactful voices and stories, deconstructing the systems of oppression within the health and wellness industry, and uniting our collective communities around this movement. – LES MILLS, POUND, PILOXING

Diana Mills, Creative Director, Les Mills International said:

“If there is any industry on Earth that must be dedicated to racial justice, equity and representation, it’s the fitness industry. We exist to help people – all people – lead healthier lives. And, true health is achieved inside a healthy culture. This is a pivotal moment and we humbly and collectively rise together with POUND and PILOXING to launch this movement because it is a part of our work that is imperative if we are to create a fitter planet for all.”

Kirsten Potenza, CEO, Pound Fitness said:

“As fitness professionals, we know that the real change in the body happens through moments that are uncomfortable. As humans, we must remember, that real changes in society are no different – they are uncomfortable too. We exist within an industry that has failed our people and our communities, and it is time to do better and be better. It is our great honor to join forces with PILOXING and LES MILLS to bring awareness and accountability to the fight for racial equity in fitness.

Natasha Bellroth, Co-Founder Piloxing Academy, LLC said:

“The events of this summer presented an opportunity for all of us to meet this moment, and to be the change. As a black woman and co-founder of Piloxing, that opportunity was also a responsibility to meet this moment on a much bigger scale. I am incredibly grateful and proud to be a part of this alliance with Les Mills and Pound; a coalition that is unequivocally committed to racial equity in the fitness industry, and one that has been met with resounding support from our industry colleagues. I am equally proud of the consciousness-raising experience that we have created in “Together We Rise”. The greater impact that we will have on the industry, and in particular on the communities that have previously been underserved and underrepresented by our industry, has only begun. We missed here, we need to do better and the time to do that is now. In the words of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., ‘The time is always right to do what is right’.” 

When: Wednesday, October 28, 8:30a PDT – 2:00p PDT

How: The event is donation-based, with proceeds going to Pretty Girls Sweat and Fit for Us – foundations committed to bringing wellness and fitness to areas historically excluded from education and opportunity.

Register here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/together-we-rise-uniting-for-racial-equity-in-fitness-tickets-123264037053

Who: Group X United, which includes Les Mills International, POUND and PILOXING


8:30a PDT – Opening statements

8:45a PDT – Equity in Fitness | presentation: Dynasti Hunt

9:15a PDT – PILOXING Workout

10:00a PDT – Anti-Racism Tools for Leaders, Educators and Entrepreneurs | panel: Kellie Wagner & Katrina Pilkington

10:45a PDT – POUND Workout

11:30a PDT – The Black Fitness Experience | panel: Ari Belgrave, Christina Rice, Percell Dugger

12:30p PDT – Our Collective Impact | panel

1:15p PDT – LES MILLS Workout

2:00p PDT – Closing statements

Together We Rise Presenters:

Event Moderator + Presenter – Dynasti Hunt, Founder, Equity in Fitness

Panelist – Ariel (Ari) Belgrave, Founder of Gym Hooky and Under Armour Athlete | @gymhooky

Panelist – Kellie Wagner, Founder of Collective DEI Lab | @kelliemwagner

Panelist – Christina Rice, Chief Experience Officer, Omnoire | @omnoire

Panelist – Katrina Pilkington, Wellness Educator, Imperfect Bias & Inclusion Guide | @fittycat

Panelist – Percell Dugger, Founder of GOODWRK and Fit For Us | @good.wrk