LES MILLS Content is a brand new profit centre to help clubs and fitness facilities better engage their members, so they fall in love with fitness and achieve their goals faster.

Times are tough right now. If your club or facility is:

  • struggling with lost income during closures
  • looking for ways to keep your members engaged, especially during lockdowns
  • wanting a way to support your members until they return to your club or facility

…then LES MILLS Content could be just what you need.

LES MILLS Content is a brand new, cost-effective digital solution that enables clubs and fitness facilities to host 100 LES MILLS workout videos which your members to access via your own app or website. These include world’s most popular workouts such as BODYPUMP®, BODYCOMBAT® and BODYATTACK® – and all the while you’ll be keeping them within your own brand ecosystem.

Prior to COVID, 86 per cent of gym members were already training at home. Given that this figure has risen in response to lockdowns and closures, the launch of LES MILLS Content is a welcome announcement to the fitness industry, as it provides clubs with a simple way to expand their membership offering, by giving members easy access to the world’s most popular workouts. The result? Your members become better engaged with your club, feel motivated to work out regularly, and remain on track to achieve their results.

The key features of LES MILLS Content include:

  • 100 videos including equipment and non-equipment workouts, technique tips and mindfulness videos.
  • New Releases every Quarter, to keep your content fresh and your members engaged.
  • Royalty-free music, so you’ll never have licensing issues.
  • Ability to host LES MILLS Content within your own app or website.
  • Capacity to go live within one week.

Don’t have an app or website? No problem!

If you don’t have an app or website that you want or can use to host LES MILLS Content, then don’t worry! Thanks to our friends at MOVE, we can provide you with a white-label platform that you can easily customise with your own branding, and quickly monetise by attracting new members, engaging current members and re-engaging former members. To learn more click here or reach out to your local Business Partnership Manager.

Club Benefits

  • A cost-effective digital solution – enabling you to offer members world-class workouts within your own website or app.
  • Enjoy less up-front cost and no need for ongoing content creation.
  • Future-proof your business – adding value for members with an integrated fitness solution.
  • Set the price and grab your share of the digital fitness dollar.
  • Improve retention – combining in-club and at-home options keep your members coming back for more.
  • Better decisions for your club – use the data from your digital workouts to maximise opportunities in your program mix and timetable.

Member Benefits

  • Removes the need for additional apps and gives them more value from their club.
  • Enables them to explore new workouts from home, so they can gain the confidence to expand their routine from the comfort of their own home.
  • Gives them more variety in their training so they can fall in love with a new workout.
  • LES MILLS Content features a range of technique videos to help them perfect their workouts, which generates faster results.
  • Members can take the gym home with them, so they can access more of the group workouts they love.
  • Members can feel ready to go right back to the gym once it reopens, and if there are capacity limits in place then they can still enjoy their favourite workouts even on the days they don’t get to book a spot in-club.

To learn more about how LES MILLS Content can enhance your membership offering, improve retention and grow your revenue contact your local Business Partnership Manager in Australia or Southeast Asia.