Technogym reminds us that these are hard times for us all and the importance of staying healthy and active.

Many governments around the world are implementing strong movement restriction measures to prevent and limit the virus spread. In many countries people are forced to stay at home for weeks or even for months.

It is important to follow those citizenship guidelines to overcome the emergency as soon as possible, but at the same time it’s important to avoid becoming sedentary in order not to incur in health problems in the mid-long term.

Many studies indicated that a direct relationship exists between sitting time and chronic health conditions and the World Health Organisation clearly indicates physical inactivity as the cause of many serious diseases, to the point that long-term physical inactivity has been ranked as the 4th cause of premature death.

Just four points to consider:

  1. Stay active – Up to one hour a day of moderate to vigorous exercise is proven to boost your immune system. It can be aerobic or resistance exercise.
  2. Sleep well – Go to bed and wake up following a regular pattern and allow to your body to have 7 hours of sleep.
  3. Eat properly – A good diet should include raw cereals, vegetables, legumes and fruit. Limit as much as you can processed food, sugars and animal proteins.
  4. Relax and be positive – Stressors can negatively affect your immune defense through the autonomic nervous system. Deep breathing, mindfulness and yoga can do a lot to reduce anxiety.

All in all, our body is a terrific defense, we just need to know how to use it in the best way.

Stay healthy, stay active.