Motosumo, a global fit-tech brand positioned to disrupt the indoor cycling fitness category, launched a freemium subscription option today in addition to their existing Premium offer.

Motosumo ramps up their offering to become the global leader in live streaming cycling classes and to deliver on their promise to help people get healthier and happier with cycling.

Motosumo members can now join live streaming cycling classes led by world-class instructors totally for free. Any member of Motosumo’s cycling community who’s downloaded and signed up in the app and with access to an indoor bike can join classes in the comfort of their home, in a gym, or even at work – there are no limits! Motosumo offers the majority of their 300 classes live while also offering many on-demand, all coached by world-class instructors based in the U.S., Europe, and Asia!

CEO and Co-founder, Kresten Juel Jensen says:

“We have created an open platform where regular people meet to pedal away together and in real-time from anywhere in the world. We’re the only platform in the world where you can hop on any bike; track your data, engage, and work to top the leaderboards while cheering each other on. There’s nowhere else you can do that for free with personal coaching from international star instructors in every class.”

A year after launching in the U.S., Motosumo is now adding a free subscription option to their repertoire. Paying members of Motosumo’s Premium plan will enjoy extra features such as access to advanced training history features. Regardless of your subscription status, all Motosumo cyclists participate in the same class and get the same great experience no matter the country or timezone. Classes have different focus, length, and intensity level, and are packed with interactivity, gamification, and fun.

The free membership is offered to everyone, including gyms who would like to offer cycling classes to their members, but don’t have their own cycling instructors or advanced tech bikes. Now they can encourage their members to use Motosumo without investing in their own instructors or paying Motosumo. The same goes for fitness centers at workplaces or hotels. Members can hop on any indoor-bike and load the app.

“I’ve been spinning for years with different gyms, but I’ve never been able to increase my spinning ability and overall physical health as much as I have since I joined Motosumo. I honestly think that the best benefit to joining is the community spirit and motivation you get!” 

Kirsty P., Motosumo member

Some Motosumo members use the app almost every day while average users attend 11 classes per month. Most members join Motosumo from home, but some combine it with use in their gym or when traveling. This makes Motosumo an established hybrid training app.

Juel Jensen says:

“We invite everyone to start their path towards a happier and healthier life with a Motosumo workout. It’s our goal to show just how effective live group training can be in terms of building good habits and staying motivated. Working out together is twice as effective at keeping you on your routine, is often easier, and more fun too!”

Members span the globe, and anyone can join the fun.

More about the app

  • Motosumo is rated highly at 4.8/5, with members writing rave reviews, such as the “best in class connected spinning app” and others applauding the experience as: “the most fun that they have had in a spin class – ever.”
  • Reviewers praise Motosumo’s coaching, mood-lifting experience, and dynamic leaderboard.
  • Motosumo was awarded the best indoor cycling app by the Women’s Health fitness award 2022.
  • The Motosumo app lets you train with any indoor bike. Using the motion sensors of your phone. The app’s algorithm tracks the bike’s motions and converts it into performance data.
  • Motosumo’s world-class cycling instructors will help you through your interactive workouts as they guide, cheer, encourage you throughout your ride and give you tips on maximizing the outcome of your workouts.
  • Motosumo is available for free on the App Store and Google Play Store and via and features interactive games with live fitness metrics, global community interaction, and expert support.

Motosumo members use the app in different ways. Here’s what a few of them have to say about Motosumo:

  • “I love it, both the live and the on-demand classes are challenging and motivating!” – Vince
  • “Love this app. The instructors are all caring, motivating and genuine. With the range of classes, you always have one to take at any time from home. No driving anywhere!” – Shannon
  • “I go to the gym (to use Motosumo) because I don’t have the space for a bike at home… I use to take spin classes, but my work schedule conflicts with the ones offered in my area” – Dana