El Salem is the creator of a new app designed to bring enjoyment and ease back to dining out with dietary requirements.

El created the eatwell app to assist people who have allergies, intolerances or personal choices that means some food groups are off the table when eating out. The app allows users to rate dining venues according to their suitability and quality for any one or more dietary requirements such as coeliac disease, vegan, halal, dairy free and more. Users can access these reviews when planning to dine out to know if a venue is suitable for them and have confidence they will have a positive dining experience. Users can filter menu items of thousands of recommended venues according to their dietary requirements.

“Every dinner date, social event or before getting takeaway I’d spend hours scouring menus and reviews,” says El. “Studies show that food intolerances are on the rise, and with the increasing popularity of veganism and plant-based diets, I knew that there were many other people who also wanted to dine with confidence and have a positive experience while doing so.”

 El has a career background as a lawyer, however, the idea was born out of the personal struggles she had when dining out due to her own food intolerances. Fed up with spending hours researching menus of dining venues before every social event, dinner date or takeaway meal, El committed herself to finding a solution. She completed a course in UX and UI design and through research found one in three Australians have dietary requirements with the majority being women aged 18-30 years old, just like her (CSIRO, 2016). With the staggering rise in food intolerances, veganism and plant based diets in Australia, El realised that finding a solution to her own dining out issues would help a large portion of the population too.

El launched the eatwell app in September 2021. Since the launch of the app, 1,000 users have already signed up and reviews of dining venues have been flowing in. El’s mission is to give diners with dietary requirements confidence and certainty when it comes to choosing where to eat out. Eatwell app means no one needs to feel like a hassle for their medical needs or personal choices when it comes to food. Using the app, people can see vetted restaurant recommendations by their community, see a menu just for them and share their own experiences through reviews which will benefit the community.

The app is available on iPhone and Android and is free to download and use.