Mel Tempest’s health club – Ballarat Body & Soul – is set to undergo a radical transformation.

Industry contrarian, innovator, leader and fitness business development specialist Mel Tempest has shocked the industry with her latest announcement that her long-standing health club – Ballarat Body & Soul – is being transformed into a Genesis Health & Fitness and Coaching Zone location.

“Over the last few years, we realised we wanted to change more lives, to make a bigger difference, to create a healthier Ballarat on an even larger scale; and in order to do this we knew that we needed to find a way to be able to offer our members even more than what we were currently offering them. We also realised we had many talented staff who deserve opportunities that are typically only available via larger organisations – as an independent club owner, my limited resources mean I can only do so much, offer so much, and take the club so far. So we found ourselves faced with a decision: do we sell the club, so that new eyes can take over and create something fresh and different? Or do we retain the club and take it to the next level in another way?”

“Personally, I welcome discomfort and change because these things are often the best catalyst for growth and development! But of course, I appreciate that as human beings most people feel uncomfortable with or resistant to change; but when I discovered Genesis – a brand that will genuinely care for my members as much as I always have and will continue to do – I knew this was the right way forward for both the business, and for my members.”

“By joining the Genesis Health and Fitness family, I’m excited to be able to offer my members even more opportunities, benefits and support in their journey to becoming the healthiest version of themselves. For example, being a member of Genesis and the Coaching Zone in Ballarat will mean you’ll have the right to access other Genesis Health and Fitness clubs around the country, for a small fee. I’m also equally excited to be able to expand the professional opportunities available to my staff, which comes from being part of an industry-leading brand with facilities located all over Australia.”

“I’m proud to admit that after fifteen and a half years, the original passion and vision that originally led me to set up Ballarat Body & Soul has never left my heart. I own and operate the club – and will continue to do so with the new brand – because I genuinely love to teach; and everything else I do in the industry I chose to do because I whole-heartedly believe that everybody deserves opportunity, education and affordable memberships.”

Genesis Health & Fitness and the Coaching Zone are overseen by Belgravia Group, which is the country’s largest privately owned company in the health and leisure industry. Ian Jensen-Muir is the CEO Belgravia Health and Fitness and says, “Mel’s decision to partner with Genesis Health & Fitness in her pursuit to take her Ballarat-based health club to the next level of success, is a great testament to her confidence in the future direction of Belgravia Health and Fitness, Genesis and Coaching Zone brands.

“Mel’s passion, knowledge and thirst for continued improvement will be a great asset to our business, and we look forward to officially welcoming her to the family in 2019.”

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