Service excellence, and consistently delivering exceptional programs, has continued to pay off for Monash Sport.

Service excellence, and consistently delivering exceptional programs, has continued to pay off for Monash Sport who operate the health and fitness facilities and services across three of their largest Monash University campuses in Melbourne.

AUSactive’s Quality Business Accreditation is a formal recognition process in which a business meets predefined criteria and quality standards, assessed by an independent accreditation body, and Monash Sport has continued to maintain their accreditation status.

Monash Sport Health and Fitness Manager, Adam Howes, said completing the accreditation process and maintaining Quality Business Accreditation status, once again, was a way of contributing to the integrity of our industry.

Mr Howes said:

“We believe it’s of vital importance to enhance the overall governance and professionalism of our industry. Especially over the last 2-3 years, our industry, and particularly here in Victoria, has suffered. Maintaining our accreditation, and being aligned with AUSactive, shows our members and our staff that we’re serious about how our service provision, and the standards we implement within our operations, help to uphold the industry’s reputation.”

“It also provides our staff with a sense of pride that they’re involved with an organisation that values a high level of professionalism. Our culture and values within Monash Sport are incredibly important to us, and maintaining our accreditation helps highlight to staff that they’re a part of something special.”

“For our members, it helps keep us accountable. We’ve maintained this recognition and now we need to continue to show our members that we deserve it and have earnt it. Our members can experience the benefit of our successful continued accreditation.”

Monash Sport operates health and fitness facilities and services across three Monash University campuses, all located within 45mins of Melbourne. They offer many of the traditional fitness centre-based services and programs, such as one-on-one member consultations, small group training, health and fitness assessments and a range of group fitness classes.

The Monash Sport point of difference is that their business model enables a constant presence within their Fitness Centre which creates a high level of engagement between staff and members.

Mr Howes said:

“The ability and opportunity for our staff to provide ongoing guidance and assistance to members during their time with us is second to none.”

AUSactive CEO Barrie Elvish said Monash Sport’s continued Accreditation was one part of having an outstanding network of exercise professionals and facilities right across Australia.

Mr Elvish said:

“Congratulations to Monash Sport on their continued Quality Business Accreditation! We remain focused on activating the nation through empowering and representing excellence, innovation, high standards and leadership across all exercise and wellness modalities.”