Les Mills® Virtual helps Willows Health Club exceed member growth goal and sets new record for group fitness visits.

In Part 1 of this LES MILLS® Virtual Case Study, Willows Health & Lifestyle Centre in Queensland (Australia) revealed an impressive 26 per cent increase in attendance, after installing LES MILLS® Virtual in their cycling room. It’s now been three months since they expanded their Virtual offering into their general group fitness studio; here’s a quick update as to how members have responded.

 The impact of introducing LES MILLS® Virtual into the main group fitness studio has been almost immediately positive for Willows Health and Lifestyle Centre.

Troy Morgan, the Chief Executive Officer of the Willows Group explains:

“In just three months since launching, Willows has seen a consistently steady growth in its member base, resulting in an eight per cent increase.”

Troy attributes this success to a combination of offering LES MILLS Virtual; improvements in the use of their Keepme data; and the inclusion of Virtual messaging within their marketing.

“Our goal was three per cent growth, so this has definitely been an over-achievement.”

Steady and impressive growth was also seen in the total number of group fitness visits during this period. “We achieved a ten per cent increase in group fitness visits, which actually set a new record for our fitness attendance, since opening,” Troy explains.

Additionally, in that same period the total number of Virtual visits increased by 22 per cent, whilst the percentage of group fitness visits from the total number of visits to the centre, remained consistent at around the 30 per cent mark.

There were some slight fluctuations in the number of Virtual visits, as a percentage of total group fitness visits; but essentially, they remained relatively stable at around 36 per cent (on average).

“It’s very clear from the data, that LES MILLS Virtual is continuously growing our group fitness penetration. It’s attracting people who have not tried group fitness before, as well as those who would have otherwise never tried group fitness. People are definitely creating new habits and finding enjoyment in LES MILLS Virtual.”

Willows operates with a Keepmescore, which segments the membership base into the following risk categories:

Risk Category Keepmescore
Low Risk members Between 60 and 100
Moderate Risk members Between 31 and 59
High Risk members Between 0 and 30

The results, after installing LES MILLS Virtual in the main group fitness studio, indicated a low risk in each of the three months.

Troy explains:

“In our Keepmescore, we’ve increased the percentage of our members moving into the low-risk zone from 56 to 65 per cent. We attribute this movement to our strong retention strategy and automated onboarding program for new members, of which our new LES MILLS Virtual offering plays a significant part of the strategy.”

 To find learn more about the power of LES MILLS Virtual and the positive impact it can have on your club or facility’s income and performance, watch our informative webinar series or contact your local Business Partnership Manager in Australia or Southeast Asia.

Australian-based clubs may be eligible to finance a LES MILLS® Virtual AV installation from as little as $74 a week, and/or SMART TECH equipment packages from around $70 a week. Chat with your local Business Partnership Manager for full details.


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