Motosumo invites all their members and newcomers to burn calories together for #TeamTrees for greater impact.

Motosumo – a worldwide interactive indoor cycling community invites all their members and newcomers to burn calories together for #TeamTrees for greater impact. Motosumo pledges to plant a tree for every 5,000 calories burned during the campaign week.

For seven days – starting March 13 2023 and ending 19 March 2023, all users of the Motosumo app – training from home, at their gym, or elsewhere – can contribute to a higher cause when they work out with Motosumo. The total amount of calories they burn together when attending either live or on-demand classes from Motosumo’s interactive indoor cycling platform will be converted into real-life trees planted by the Arbor Day Foundation through #teamtrees. Motosumos users and collaboration partners also invited the app users to #TrainForTrees in 2019. This is a great opportunity to train and make an impact on climate change!

Co-founder and CEO Kresten Juel Jensen says:

“Motosumo has users all over the world. With the help of our community, we’ve set ourselves a maximum pledge of planting 1,000 trees, no matter how or where our members join the #TrainForTrees campaign.”

Trees are pretty remarkable and are a major weapon in the fight against the rapidly progressing climate change. Not only do trees absorb CO2 and pump out oxygen, they also provide habitats for wildlife, minimize the effects of flooding, and combat soil erosion. And with forests around the world disappearing at an alarming rate, it’s more important than ever to start controlling the damage. According to scientists, tree-planting can be effectively done literally everywhere across the planet and is one of the most impactful climate change solutions.

MrBeast, a prominent YouTuber, started the #TeamTrees initiative to plant 20 million trees with the help of Arbor Day Foundation. The goal was to raise money by planting one tree for every dollar. It went viral and became the largest crowdfunding effort on YouTube, resulting in 24.3 million trees planted to date.

This number keeps growing, and the leaderboard shows both small and large donations given. Motosumo strives to make a real impact through the training power from its members during the 3rd week of March. Motosumo pledges to convert all calories, up to 5 million calories burned in the Motosumo platform, to trees during the #TrainForTrees event week.

How does the campaign work?

Motosumo uses the sensors in smartphones to provide fitness data, including the number of calories burned during workouts. The campaign works on a simple principle. A tree gets planted for every 5,000kcals burned using the Motosumo app. That’s about the same number of calories as ten cheeseburgers.

On our #TrainForTrees landingpage, Motosumo users can follow their collective calorie burn during the #TrainForTrees campaign – and how that converts into trees.

Kresten says:

“Motosumo is a community based-app. #TrainForTrees is not a competition where individuals or gyms compete against each other to plant the most trees. We want to plant together, as one global community, one worldwide team, for maximum impact. Those on our premium plan will of course be able to see in the app how many calories they burned during the campaign period individually, if they are curious enough.”

Pushing for positive change together

Motosumo’s tech platform enables indoor cyclists from around the world to participate in impact events, such as planting trees to mitigate climate change. The platform emphasizes team and community building. Since members see only their team’s contributions, not individual ones, this enhances the collective energy and elevates the team-building experience. If the campaign goes well, Motosumo hopes to do more ‘‘cycle for change” initiatives and even invite their users to help decide the nature of these campaigns.

Kresten ends:

“The community feeling is important to our users and they push themselves harder when they train with others – either in the same room or virtually. By adding this extra layer to the work out experience, we’ll all end up doing something together for the greater good.”

With a stable 4.8/5.0 rating, the Motosumo platform continues to grow. All members with an individual account are able to participate in the event – and newcomers are also invited to participate. All they need is to download the app and hop on a stationary bike.

Follow the #TrainForTrees campaign status

The app is available both as a free version with non-invasive ads, and as a Premium plan offering more features. Users can download Motosumo free for iOS and Android.