Health and fitness entrepreneur, Tony de Leede, launches a never-before-seen venture called Club W-Wellness.


A ‘third space’ to relax, restore and recharge;

Connect with your community, and yourself

In today’s frenzied world, we seem to hear about a new exercise studio opening every other day. But forget the ‘flash in a pan’ fitness fads… Bringing a breath of fresh air into the wellness world is the newly launched Club W, a world first wellness concept combining three unique areas: a Wellness Lounge, Wellness Collective and Wellness Coworking.

Founded by Tony de Leede, the health industry entrepreneur who brought Fitness First to Australia and sold it for around $2 Billion dollars and the man who founded the likes of Gwinganna and Komune Bali, Club W – Wellness offers a first-of-its-kind experience.

The concept is a franchise business that can be suitable for many spaces, he also has companies such as Stocklands putting mini versions into their offices. Club W is designed to help people feel like their best self and have a home away from home. 
de Leede said:

“I have launched many things in my time, this is my most exciting venture. It is something that I really believe in as it can help so many people.” 

Club W is a specially designed community wellness space. Members can enjoy bite-size exercise and movement videos, a lounge area and café, as well as indulgence areas with options including LED Light Therapy, Infrared Saunas, O2 Breathing and Meditation Chair and the Recovery Massage Chair.”  

“Furthermore, we are proud to unveil our Wellness Coworking space, a brand new concept that has been designed to adapt to a changing world that understands the importance of workplace wellness.”

Club W brings a holistic approach to wellness through a variety of designated areas for immersive movement and mindfulness, along with custom-designed co-working zones plus health and beauty services.

Wellness Lounge boasts a next-level immersive movement studios, where classes such as Pilates and dance take place, as per a schedule. They also have quiet rooms where you can curate your own experience, including the scent you would like in the room, the colour of the LED lights and the content that you play, a wellness café and more

Wellness Collective features an infrared sauna with meditation and LED light therapy to heal the skin while providing anti-ageing benefits.

You can also enjoy a next-level relaxation experience featuring an O2 chair, which guides you through breath work exercises and meditation and a massage/recovery chair to aid muscle recovery.

Wellness Coworking A purpose-built space equipped with both permanent offices and desks/ hot desks, wellness pods, phone/podcast room, a boardroom and kitchenette, perfect for those who like to change up their workspace.

Access to each area of Club W is determined by membership packages with different tiers available to cater to the individual needs of each client. Casual sessions are also an option for those who’d like to try it out commitment-free or use the facilities sporadically. While Club W is in launch phase, a limited number of foundation memberships at special rates are also on offer.

No matter what stage of life you’re in, movement and connection with others is vital for keeping yourself in excellent health – both physically and mentally. With this in mind, Club W welcomes clients of all ages and genders, providing an inclusive setting where everyone feels comfortable to become the best version of themselves. To foster community values, regular club social initiatives like Walk and Talk Groups will also take place.

For more information or for membership enquiries, please visit | @clubw_australia