Forever the innovator, Myzone has a reputation for bucking trends and carving a path through unknown industry territory, which is why the brand is ideally paired as a sponsor of the equally innovative Gym Owners’ Business Podcast.

Wearables are currently the number one trend in fitness – and they have been for some time now. And when it comes to steadfast leaders in this field, Myzone is the brand that continues to lead the pack when it comes to the provision of technology to track your members’ workout efforts. Myzone is an accurate heart rate monitoring system that provides branded marketing collateral and quality customer support for clubs. Industry icons such as Frank Nash, Todd Durkin and Rick Mayo, are among the 6,000+ worldwide gym owners who are currently reaping the benefits of the Myzone heart rate monitoring system in their gyms. Such benefits include:

  • Provides 24/7 accountability and exercise tracking
  • Enables trainers to quantify and optimise workouts
  • Upsells prospects on MZ-3 membership packages
  • Amplifies group exercise experiences, with real-time feedback
  • Builds community through club-wide challenges
  • Integrate Myzone smoothly and easily

With Myzone dominating the wearable fitness technology space, it’s only natural that they be drawn to partner with other boldly innovative brands, who are equally committed to carving out new pathways in their field. The Gym Owners’ Business Network and its highly sought-after resources such as the Gym Owners’ Business Podcast, is one such brand.

Says Myzone’s creator and CEO Dave Wright, “Technology amplifies the member experience, but it can only take a club so far. We’ve found the operators who embrace innovation also embrace Myzone’s purpose of helping people to feel good about exercise, whether it’s before, during or after the event; so supporting initiatives such as the Gym Owners’ Business Podcast, goes straight to the core of those forward-thinking proactive operators, who are keen to make a difference”.

Mel Tempest, founder of the Gym Owners’ Business Network adds, “I’m so thrilled to have Myzone officially involved with the Gym Owners’ Business Podcast. My own club was among the very first in Australia to introduce the technology, and so I’ve been a very vocal advocate for Myzone and their affiliated brands for years. The compatibility between our businesses is so succinct, that I’m confident we’ll achieve some significant milestones together, which gyms all over the world will enjoy and benefit greatly from.”

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