Neuroscience Research Australia (NeuRA) has launched a FREE eBook titled, Mental Wellness in the Workplace,

The 50-page eBook looks at key factors like sleep, stress and chronic low back pain that can contribute to mental distress, depression, anxiety and low energy levels at work. It also looks at new research on the immune-to-brain relationship and whether resilience can be developed to inoculate yourself against stress.

Professor Peter Schofield, CEO of NeuRA, says NeuRA is passionate about highlighting mental health and wellness in the workplace.

“NeuRA is proud to be supporting mental health month this October. Each year around 1 in 5 Australians will experience a mental illness. At NeuRA our researchers are committed to curing mental disorders such as depression, schizophrenia, and bipolar disorder. Our research is aimed at better understanding these disorders so effective and targeted treatments can be delivered.”

“During mental health month, NeuRA is highlighting mental health and wellness in the workplace. Research shows that workplaces that invest in mental health initiatives see an average return in investment of $2.30 for every $1 dollar spent. That’s why we are launching a free eBook that dives in the neuroscience of mental wellness in the workplace,” says Professor Peter Schofield.

The eBook features content from five of NeuRA’s leading neuroscientists including Dr Hanna Hensen, a sleep researcher who talks about the impact sleep can have on mental wellness and steps we can take to improve our sleep and Dr Steve Kassem who talks about managing stress and what the research says about its effects on the brain and the importance of predictive stress strategies.

Dr Adam Walker, head of the Immunopsychiatry Lab at NeuRA explains the relationship between the brain and immune system, a new horizon for mental health and wellness in the workplace. Associate Professor James McAuley, who leads NeuRA’s Pain Research, Education and Management Group, highlights new approaches to managing chronic low back pain and discusses the impact of ongoing
pain on your mental wellness.

If you’re looking for a compass to navigate all of the challenges around mental wellness at work, Dr Justine Gatt a Senior Research Scientist at NeuRA introduces the COMPAS-W, which is a new tool developed to help you build resilience and inoculate yourself against stress. If shared and practiced in your team, it can lead to a more resilient workforce – which is a win for all.

In addition, the eBook contains a series of five-minute Zone Out audio sessions, which allow the reader to sit back, close their eyes and imagine being in a restful place, like a rainforest, tropical island, sitting under a waterfall or in the middle of the Australian bush.

NeuRA is also launching a series of mental health and wellness seminars called HEADS at Work by some of NeuRA’s leading scientists which is available for HR directors to support further internal programs around mental wellness in the workforce.

The new Mental Wellness at Work eBook is available to download for FREE at