Colin Tilini wants to change the way Australians workout. After his girlfriend cancelled on him for their gym date, Colin realised there was massive opportunity for a service to connect people with reliable training partners.

Enter Gymbud.

Developed by Colin himself and his hand picked team of industry experts and professional App developers, Gymbud aims to create a platform for fitness fanatics to connect with like-minded people with similar fitness interests.

Completely free to download and use, the Gymbud App enables users to see people in their local area and their fitness interests, so they can connect with them.  Basically, the App helps people to connect, date and train together.

“For a lot of people, fitness isn’t easy.   Training on your own is hard work and requires a lot of self motivation.  You definitely train more often and enjoy exercise more when you have someone to train with,” Colin Tilini said today. “That’s why I created Gymbud, to provide people with the opportunity to find someone to exercise with.   And if they meet someone neat along the way who becomes more than just a training partner, all the better!”

Gymbud is a simple to use App which can be downloaded from the Apple Store or Google Play and is completely free to download and use.

Gymbud functions primarily through the ‘Spot or Drop’ feature, which allows users to swipe through potential training partners and connect with them.  The App displays a picture of a potential partner, their location, fitness focuses, and their age, and allows the user to either ‘Spot’ them, and connect further, or ‘Drop’ them.

Communication is easy.   You can simply message other Gymbudders directly.

“Fitness should be accessible and relevant to everyone, regardless of who you are or what you look like.Everyone has to start somewhere and this is what I love about Gymbud.  The App is ideal for everyone, fitness fanatics, people who train occasionally, and those who want to get into fitness,” Colin Tilini added. “The dating element is an added bonus.  No doubt it is going to help people with similar fitness interests to connect without having to deal with clunky and expensive online dating sites. Gymbud gives the average Joe who has never been in a gym before an opportunity to get their foot in the door and find other people who are looking to better themselves. Hey, and if you find that special someone while you’re working out, then all the better.  That’s the great thing about Gymbud, we make fitness possible by connecting people together.”

Gymbud looks set to create a global community for fitness, and Colin couldn’t be happier about the connections he’s helping to make.  A world-first that is destined to completely disrupt the fitness and online dating industry, Gymbud is expected to grow quickly with many people keen to take advantage of its unique offering – the ability to find and connect with people with similar fitness interests all within one free and easy to use App.

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