Leading Edge Business Consulting has joined forces with GSE Business Consultants to launch a new joint venture called Fitness Business Sales.

Operators within the fitness industry have had a year unlike any other, with COVID shutdowns and the other unprecedented impacts of the pandemic. If nothing else, this year has been a challenging exercise to teach us how to expect the unexpected, and to be nimble enough to respond in ways that our members will appreciate and engage with.

To support club owners during this unique time, industry newcomer Leading Edge Business Consulting has joined forces with GSE Business Consultants to launch a brand new joint venture called “Fitness Business Sales”. Fitness Business Sales delivers specialist services beyond those of a “normal” broker, to produce tailored growth plans and exit strategies for gym owners.

And while this business is new, the experience behind it anything but.

Damien Bain is the founder of Leading Edge Business Consulting (LEBC), which is a highly specialised business consultancy dedicated to creating measurable outcomes of growth and success. Bain is an executive leader with more than 20 years’ experience in multiple industries, after having successfully managed portfolios in excess of $120 million in revenue, and staffing of up to 1,200. Bain has a demonstrated history working in the health and leisure industries across both global and national footprints including owning his own health club, and managing the opening of more than 64 clubs for various brands across Australia such as Fitness First, Genesis, Belgravia Leisure and Premium Lifestyle Clubs.

Partnering with Bain to create Fitness Business Sales is Paul Leach, the founder of GSE Business Consultants.

“I originally met Paul in 2012, when I was recruiting for roles within Fitness First,” explained Damien. “Paul joined my team there, and then joined my state team in his own state role, until 2015.”

Paul had parents who were restauranteurs, so he grew up in the hospitality industry. During his career he’s developed and sold nine businesses of his own, and he’s worked across multiple industries helping clients with exit plans in his role as a Certified MAUS Exit Planning Consultant. Paul is also licensed broker in New South Wales, Queensland, and Victoria; and he recently completed his accreditation as a Certified Exit Planning Advisor (CEPA) with the Exit Planning Institute.

Through Fitness Business Sales, the 25+ years of combined experience in health and fitness operations of Bain and Leach ensures that gym owners receive specialised guidance to navigate the unique and challenging process of selling their business.

So rather than taking a “test the market” approach, which increases the risk of underselling or overpricing your business, and getting stuck on the market, Fitness Business Sales takes a much more considered approach.

Paul said:

“We’ll work with you on the planning, preparation and execution of your exit from the business. So if you’ve been considering the sale of your gym – and many are in these current times – then chances are you’ve been wondering how the process works, how you can get the best return, and what you need to do before going to market.”

Damien added:

“If you’ve asked yourself any of those questions, then Fitness Business Sales can help you.”

Paul assured:

“We’re here to help you plan and execute your sale. We’ll work very closely with you, to make sure that you understand the sales process and are confident that you’re selling at the right time and for the right price.”

Damien added:

“Having a structured process in place to help you through each stage of the sales process will ensure that your time on the market is minimised, and that your sale is kept as confidential as possible.”

“We’ll take the stress out of the sales process, by looking after everything from listing to settlement. So when you’re confident that you and your business are ready for sale give us a call to find out how we can help.”

To learn more about Fitness Business Sales visit www.fitness-business-sales.com.au

or contact the Co-Founders:

Damien Bain – Ph: 0414738461 or email: damien@fitness-business-sales.com.au

Paul Leach – Ph: 0415 801 313 or email: paul@fitness-business-sales.com.au