FILEX announces an exciting new partnership with Fitbox Gym Management Software and their Fitbox Business Academy.

Australia’s leading provider of fitness educations events and expos, FILEX, announces that it has formed an exciting new partnership with Fitbox Gym Management Software, and their Fitbox Business Academy, a move designed to create further cohesion across the entire industry for the benefit of gym owners, personal trainers, coaches, instructors and general fitness enthusiasts.

Fitbox, who were recently given the support of the Queensland Government in order to run the Fitbox Business Academy, subsidised by the Department of Sport, Innovation and Tourism and across key regional and metro areas, share FILEX’s passion for adding true value to all members of Australia’s fitness industry.

Fitbox founder and CEO, Gene Suna, thinks the partnership is a natural next step to the launch of the Fitbox Business Academy.

Suna said:

“Fitbox forms part of our wider business goal of helping gym owners build value within their business. When coupled with our equipment business, Again Faster, we feel that we are in a position to uniquely help fitness businesses unlock their potential and build profitable and sustainable operations. Partnering with like-minded businesses is just one of the ways we can ensure that fitness business owners have access to the tools needed to do that.”

FILEX General Manager, Anthony Reed, agrees and believes the Fitbox Business Academy, designed to strengthen the capability of active businesses by leveraging knowledge, innovation and technology, ties in with FILEX’s own endeavours to provide world-leading professional development education and events to support the industry.

Reed said:

“FILEX has long been established as an industry leader and we’re delighted to partner with Fitbox, an emerging leader in its field. As leaders, we have a privileged position and I think it’s important that, wherever possible, we align our strategic goals for the greater good. Individually we are strong but together we really can start to make positive and significant change for everyone. The Fitbox Business Academy is the kind of project where its success benefits more than just the direct attendees – the same as FILEX’s events – and that’s where we saw great synergy. We believe this partnership shows a true commitment to collaboration and support for the betterment of the industry.”

The partnership will include offering businesses that take part in the Fitbox Business Academy a complimentary 12-month FILEX Premium Membership, providing access to an extensive digital resource library of educational content and monthly masterclasses, beyond the duration of the academy, designed to continue upskilling and development.

The challenges faced by the fitness industry in 2021 seem destined to remain, at least in the short term, and the new FILEX and Fitbox partnership promises to keep finding new ways to help the industry face and conquer these challenges.


For 30 years, the epicentre of the Australian fitness industry has been the FILEX fitness convention. FILEX has evolved into a year-round provider of professional development education events, both face-to-face and virtual, powered by Fitness Australia.

About Fitbox

Fitbox is the technology arm of Again Faster Asia Pacific. They are an Australian based and owned company with more than 10 years’ experience in technology and the business of fitness.