Medley and Motosumo team up to bring the group fitness revolution to Sweden

Medley, Sweden’s largest privately owned operator of municipal swimming pools and fitness centers, has announced that they will be using Motosumo for group fitness activities in 10 locations around the country.

Medley has been looking for a solution like Motosumo for some time. They have a unique problem: 17 gyms around the country, all with different equipment. Each gym offering an extensive selection of group fitness classes, ranging from indoor cycling to circuit training, boxing to Aqua Zumba, aerobics to qigong. So, they need a solution that is going to work across the board. One that can make their classes even more inclusive, fun, and rewarding. No easy task.

Motosumo is made for group fitness classes. Using fun games and powerful analytics, the app helps users train together, socialize, compete, and track their progress. It does all of this using the sensors built into every smartphone. It is free for users and a perfect tool for instructors. Most importantly for operators like Medley, it requires zero specialist equipment and almost zero setup time.

“We are thrilled to have found Motosumo,” says Åsa, Medley’s concept manager. “Finally, we have a group fitness system that is versatile and easy to use. We especially love the way instructors can create a community experience in their classes. It is fantastic.”

This idea of community is something that resonates profoundly with both companies. Since 2001 Medley has been creating spaces for people to come together, play sports, get fit, relax, and make friends.

“Our philosophy is that health and fitness should be available to everyone”, says marketing manager Tomas Bjernudd. “At Medley, you will always find a group fitness class to suit you, no matter your age or fitness level.”

Motosumo shares this philosophy. In fact, they entered the fitness industry with the intention of shaking things up, of making group fitness less elitist and more open and welcoming.

Co-founder Jens Juels Jensen thinks the partnership makes total sense.

“Operators like Medley are the reason why we created the platform. It really is made for everyone. And we love working with Medley’s social approach to fitness.”

Motosumo will be rolled out in Medley centers during the summer, starting with indoor cycling classes and heart rate training. CEO Claes Mittjas is anticipating a positive response.

“We think it’s going to add a lot of value to our group fitness classes. More than anything, it’s important for us to have a platform that is easily implemented and free for our members.”

About Medley

Medley is Sweden’s largest privately owned operator of municipal swimming pools and fitness centres. With over 20 centres across 17 municipalities, Medley offers warm, inviting spaces for people to get fit, have fun, and socialise. Their mission is to inspire everyone to live an active, healthy lifestyle, and they offer a huge range of sports and group activities for all ages and fitness levels. Check out Medley at

About Motosumo

Based in Copenhagen, Motosumo makes group fitness fun and inclusive with an app packed full of gamification features and advanced tech. Using the sensors in smartphones, Motosumo provides analytics only found in expensive, high-end fitness equipment, which makes it a cheap and powerful instructor tool for any gym. Fitness solutions needn’t be super serious and elite. We want group fitness to be about community. An enjoyable, welcoming space for users to compete, compare, and cooperate. Check out Motosumo at