GO Healthy’s GO Screen Time iProtect 1-A-Day supports eyes exposed to blue light during screen exposure.

A new supplement formulated to support eyes strained by screen time, has launched in Australia, as the new working year kicks off.

Go Healthy’s new GO Screen Time iProtect 1-A-Day (RRP $29.99) uses a powerful mix of ingredients traditionally used for eye health to assist the very modern challenge of maintaining healthy eyes in a screen dependent society.

Australians are spending an average of more than nine hours a day in front of a screen – whether it be a work computer, tablet, TV or mobile phone – with some research claiming office workers spend closer to 12 hours[1].

GO Healthy’s resident naturopath Peta Teuma said if more than one third of each working day is spent screen-bound, we are spending close to 100 full days per year exposed to blue light, which may cause screen-related fatigue.

At the back of our eyes is the highly complex retina and within that is the macula: the most sensitive part of the retina containing millions of light-sensing cells that are responsible for acute, sharp and centred vision. The macula is most susceptible to the effects of blue light –  the form emitted via our screens –  because it receives it in the highest concentration.

“If your eyes are feeling fatigued, strained and dry and you have frequent headaches it could be an indication they are becoming overexposed to this light. We also tend to stare for longer periods and our eyes naturally become weary after persistent use, alla Netflix marathons or crushing report deadlines,” she said.

GO Screen Time iProtect 1-A-Day contains Lutemax® 2020, a blend of all three macular carotenoids: Lutein, Zeaxanthin and Meso-zeaxanthin, important nutrients that help protect our eyes against the harmful effects of blue light during screen exposure, she said.

GO Screen Time iProtect 1-A-Day also contains Betacarotene which protects the lens and retina from oxidative damage and neutralizes free radicals, as well as Natural Fish Oil, which may assist with reducing the severity of dry eye syndrome,[2] a common byproduct of excess screen use.

“And as always, supplements are about support – they aren’t a cure all and we must all remember to practise good screen “hygiene” by taking regular breaks and eating a well balanced diet.”

GO Healthy’s GO Screen Time iProtect 1-A-Day joins another new eye health product in the GO Healthy stable – GO Vision Protect 1-A-Day (RRP $49.99), which contains a combination of ingredients to assist in the general maintenance of healthy eyes.  Bilberry, Marigold, Lutein, Zeaxanthin and Betacarotene work together to support healthy eye function and vision, plus capillary health.

All GO Healthy products are manufactured in New Zealand, using industry leading innovation, superior formulations and the highest quality ingredients to formulate a comprehensive range of supplements that pack a punch.

For more information on GO Healthy or to find stockists in Australia, visit www.gohealthy.com.au.