Vitable tailors consumers’ wellness regime with personalised packs of vitamins and health supplements based on their diet, lifestyle and health goals.

The ever-growing need for efficiency and living out a balanced lifestyle means that more Australians are adopting the subscription economy. Over two-thirds of Australians use subscription services, according to a Harris Poll survey[1]. Australian start-up Vitable is changing the game with its innovative technology and subscription service which adopts a personalised approach to self-care.

42.5% of Australians take vitamins and supplements regularly with 65% of Australians purchasing them in-store, but taking them on and off[1]. With the industry revenue rising to $1.9 billion dollars in the past five years[2] and a market size of $5.2 billion dollars, this reflects the ever-growing demand for vitamins and supplements[3]. However the inconsistent consumption and uniformed product choices means unsustainable results. It can be daunting finding the right vitamins and supplements for your needs with myriad options available in-store. Guessing the correct dosage, the right combinations, the length of time required before seeing changes and knowing which vitamins can cater to changing lifestyles can be confusing.

Co-founded by Larah Loutati and Ilyas Anane, Vitable tailors consumers’ wellness regime with personalised packs of vitamins and health supplements based on their diet, lifestyle and health goals.

After completing a free quiz on Vitable’s website outlining specific areas of improvement such as sleep, immunity, energy, skin, hair and digestion, the website’s in-depth algorithms formulate tailored daily supplement packs individuals need. Vitable’s algorithms have been created by health experts, nutritionists, naturopaths and follows TGA regulation. The sachets are delivered to the customer’s doorstep monthly.

The origins of Vitable started when both Larah and Ilyas were fatigued and overstressed from their corporate jobs and unbalanced lifestyles. Larah said:

“Two years ago I had a low immune system which took a toll on my mental and physical health. My interest in nutrition and health was the foundation to changing my life for the better. My nutritionist and naturopath friend provided professional advice to address my needs. However not everyone has the time, resources or capacity to receive professional help. Ilyas and I knew we had to build a tangible, easy-to-access and use service to help others create a healthy habit.”

Vitable recognises Australians’ need for efficiency.  Lara adds:

“Our subscription service removes the middleman while minimising cost and maintaining premium standard. It was important for us to create an algorithm that caters to people individually and solves their uncertainty with the wide range of options in pharmacies and chemists. Everyone is unique so our vitamins and supplements packs should be too. The ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach should no longer by adopted. Customisation ensures the different factors, conditions, diet and lifestyle of each individual are taken into account.”

The pharmacists and nutritional experts at Vitable ensure they source high quality ingredients for each product, based on scientific research that are transparent, available and explained to purchasers. Individuals can be assured they receive the best health benefits from each packet. Vitable is transparent to its users, enabling them access and explanation of the clinical research behind each product. Manufactured in Australia, ingredients are easy to digest, are non-GMO and suit most allergies and diets.

Vitable offers a flexible subscription model. Nutritionists can modify and ensure personalised packs are evolving according to the individual’s changing needs and it can be paused, resumed or cancelled at any time.




About Vitable:
Vitable is an Australian company with a mission to Making Feeling Good An Everyday Thing for individuals. Consumers take a consultation-grade, free online quiz based on their diet, lifestyle and health goals. Vitable uses in-depth algorithms and recommendations from nutritional experts to formulate personalised daily and specific packs of vitamins and supplements for individuals. These tailored recommendations address the individual’s health, wellness and lifestyle goals effectively. Vitable delivers monthly personalised sachets right to the individual’s doorstep.