Three-stage approach to reopening – including gyms.

The Northern Territory (NT) government has today announced a three step principles-based roadmap for the reopening of businesses and services, including gyms across the Territory.

Chief Minister Michael Gunner’s announcement includes staged adjustments, which will come into effect from tomorrow with safe and simple outdoor activities (where physical distancing can be maintained at all times) the first to be allowed.

Fitness Australia has detailed relevant fitness and exercise activities that Territorians can do as part of the three step road map below.

Stage one: from noon, Friday 1 May 2020 (tomorrow):

  • Exercise outdoors with other people such as yoga and bootcamp.
  • Participate in non-contact, non-collision outdoor sports such as athletics, golf, tennis, swimming, shooting, archery, badminton, geocaching, paddling and lawn bowls. (Note: You cannot use a clubhouse facility to consume food or drink)
  • Visit parks and reserves including campgrounds that are accessible from where you are without needing to enter a restricted area biosecurity zone.
  • Swim in a lagoon at the waterfront, rivers and natural pools outside the biosecurity zones.
  • Go fishing, boating, sailing with other people.
  • Attend a public swimming pool, water park or recreational lake for swimming or water sports.

Stage two: from noon, Friday 15 May 2020, include:

  • Participate in organised outdoor training activities for sporting clubs and teams.
  • Operate or attend a studio that provides yoga, Pilates, Zumba, barre, dance classes.
  • Operate or attend physical training activities indoors such as Cross Fit.
  • Operate and attend a gymnasium.
All activities in Stage two must be undertaken in less than two hours.
As party of the announcement, the NT Government said all physical distancing must be maintained, indoors and outdoors, including:
  • A minimum space of 1.5 metres between you and other people that aren’t from your household.
  • Reduce the size of gatherings.
  • If you need to be facing another person and closer than 1.5 metres apart minimise contact to less than 15 minutes.
As we continue to work together through this changing environment, a unified industry is a strong industry that will survive this difficult period.