In 1990, 5.7 million people died from cancer; by 2016 this had increased to 8.9 million. But when age-standardised, cancer death rates are falling globally [1], which is great news. There are two key factors which are attributed to improved survival rates: earlier detection and improved treatment.

Unfortunately, a large proportion of the population will still be affected by cancer, whether themselves or a loved one. Health and Fitness Travel, the wellness holiday specialists, offer a range of dedicated programs for cancer recovery, where guests with specific medical concerns can rest and replenish when they need it most. New research [2] published by Macmillan Cancer Support claim that the prescribing of nutrition and fitness plans to those recently diagnosed with cancer is to be encouraged, as this can boost chances of recovery and survival, the experts at Health and Fitness Travel support these findings.

Personalised recommendations about lifestyle, diet and movement can promote resilience to disease as well as the treatment of disease.

“Prehabilitation” is being called upon soon after diagnosis for people to obtain information in a supportive and nourishing environment, before commencing cancer treatment. In some cases, improvements in fitness and nutrition could mean patients became strong enough to access treatments which might not have otherwise been tolerated.

Paul Joseph, Founder of Health and Fitness Travel, says:

“Being in optimal condition with your fitness, nutrition and mental health is beneficial to everyone, irrespective of health concerns. If we are in this optimal state of well-being, we may be less vulnerable to the side effects of cancer treatments. We want people recovering from cancer to feel empowered to improve their health and get the personalised care they need on a dedicated wellness retreat”.

As we become more aware of the importance of staying fit and healthy, whilst preventing or fighting cancer and a myriad of other diseases, travel trends reflect this, with an increase in enquiries and bookings for wellness retreats. Mindfulness techniques and Ayurveda treatments can assist recovery, while tailored fitness programs help you build strength, flexibility and stamina, both physical and mental.

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[1] Our World In Data: Cancer death rates are falling; five-year survival rates are rising