Base Layer Bracing ® experts, OS1st®, are putting their best foot forward with the launch of their latest athletic performance calf sleeve and socks, which have got runners around the world talking.

Featuring Skin ThinTM zones to increase air flow and create a cooling effect during any activity and under any apparel, the TA6 Thin AirTM Performance Calf Sleeves and TA4 Thin AirTM Performance Socks feature the latest in technology and innovation.

Stockists of globally renowned orthotic friendly shoes and footcare products, Global Footcare, are enthusiastic about the Skin ThinTM design features.

Global Footcare managing director, Jeff Coombridge, said:

“OS1st continues to innovate in the performance sock and sleeve market.”

“This is a game changer, the latest additions to the range are a truly breakthrough product in the sock industry by providing a maximum air-flow and cooling performance sock, while not sacrificing high performance features.”

Running shoes can be a breeding ground for bacteria and unpleasant odours – enter the moisture wicking, silver anti-bacterial properties of the new TA4 Thin AirTM Performance Socks.

Featuring a cushioned forefoot and heel, the latest performance socks suit low profile footwear, offer blister protection and aid in prevention of overheating and hyper-sensitivity.

Justin Mistry, Physiotherapist and owner of Back in Motion Physiotherapy on the Gold Coast, said with the Gold Coast Marathon only a few months away, all runners are looking for an edge.

Mistry said:

“We have stocked OS1st socks and sleeves for years and the feedback from our clients has always been that they feel ‘lighter on my feet’.”

“The targeted design of their sleeves provide support, facilitate correct muscle activation and improve circulation to prevent premature fatigue and lactate build up. In conjunction with a Physiotherapy management plan, the new range of socks and sleeves will no doubt lead to more efficient training and faster times in the big event!”

“OS1st continues to innovate in the performance sock and sleeve market.”

OS1st are leading experts in textile engineering and have incorporated moisture wicking, anti- bacterial and anatomical left/right design properties into the TA4 Performance Socks, for enhanced performance, freshness and fit.

The launch of the latest TA6 Thin AirTM Performance Calf Sleeves has also got runners around the world excited.

The sleeves can be worn alone or paired with the Performance Socks, and target conditions including shin splints, achilles instability and calf cramps.

Mr Coombridge said:

“With six targeted compression zones the TA6 Thin AirTM Performance Calf Sleeves support muscle stability, improve circulation, and being easy to put on, they’re user friendly.”

“The range is becoming a first option for consumers looking for the high performance targeted socks and compression sleeves. “

“Ultimately, we want to see our customers happy and healthy, and this means supplying products that offer a premium level of support with comfort that doesn’t just feel good but delivers results based on the best and latest advances in textile engineering, and design input from medical professionals.”

OS1st is renowned globally for the FS6 Plantar Fasciitis Sleeves and the FS4 Plantar Fasciitis Socks and specialises in a technology called CZT (Compression Zone Technology), which allows them to create totally seamless, ultra-thin garment devices (sleeves and socks) with ortho-support in different locations to fit around the joint being supported, whether it’s the knee, ankle, foot, wrist, or more.

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