A brand new platform Healthy Mummy Wellness will empower mothers towards self-care, wellbeing and health will transform Australian families suffering cost-of-living stress and post-pandemic anxiety.

The motherlode of organising children, partners and work following months of home-schooling has taken its toll on the nation’s mental health, with startling new survey from The Healthy Mummy showing:

–       92% of Australian mothers suffer stress

–       80% of Australian mothers suffer anxiety

This new wellness platform program has been developed in response to these survey findings, which uncovered the top stress drivers for mothers are:

1.    Life overload (27%)

2.    Finances (22%)

3.    Family (15%)

4.    Health (13%)

5.    Work (12%)

6.    Relationships (8%)

7.    Other (3%)

The most shocking finding of the survey of more than 3000 mothers is that 34% do not seek professional help for depression or anxiety, usually because they are time-poor and do not prioritise their wellbeing.

An easy-to-access, available-all-hours app, website and social platform like Healthy Mummy Wellness will be a useful tool for busy mothers trying to snatch the knowledge and time to juggle it all.

Healthy Mummy Wellness offers targeted support to deal with anxiety sleep, pre-menstrual tension, menopause and positive thinking.

Healthy Mummy founder Rhian Allen says.

“This is a game changing program, taking a 360 degree, holistic approach to wellbeing with everything from podcasts, content, programs and breathing.”

“There’s nothing about weight loss or calories, but lots of detail around nutrition and functional food and how to prepare meals that nourish the body and wellbeing.”

The program has been developed by a field of family wellbeing experts, which also includes ways for mothers to help navigate the mental wellbeing of their children.

Rhian says:

“This is going to transform the mental wellbeing of so many mums and families out there. It will be a huge support mechanism after a time of great stress and upheaval.”

The NSW 2022-23 Budget Women’s Opportunity Statement recognised that women’s post-natal health and menopausal health needs require more funding.

Rhian says:

“Healthy Mummy Wellness is determined to help bridge the gap for women needing support to put more balance, health and wellbeing in their families lives.”

Healthy Mummy Wellness is available as an app from the App Store and Google Play.

Android Healthy Mummy Wellness App link here

iOS  Healthy Mummy Wellness App link here

About The Healthy Mummy

The Healthy Mummy was founded in 2010 with a vision of becoming Australia’s pre-eminent support solution for mothers aiming to regain their health, fitness, body confidence and mental wellness.

The Healthy Mummy is the global leader in the mothers-only health, wellness, fitness and nutrition with a full service offering that supports sustainable, healthy living.