Bringing Moveable and Lightweight HIIT Options to the Gym Floor

Precor and Assault Fitness have once again joined forces to provide fitness facilities globally with two new products to extend their interval training offering – The Assault AirBike Elite and the Assault AirRunner. With high-intensity interval training (H.I.I.T) voted one of the  Top 3 Fitness Trends in 2017 by the ACSM Health and Fitness Journal®, these two new products are a great addition to any facility looking to incorporate H.I.I.T training easily and fluidly onto the facility floor.

Designed with feedback from facility owners, cycling enthusiasts, personal trainers, and physical therapists, the AirBike Elite is an enhanced version of the popular Assault AirBike Classic. It features a 27-inch steel fan that provides unlimited resistance – the harder an exerciser pedals, the more resistance the bike gives.  Exercisers engage their whole body while pedaling by pushing and pulling the moving handlebars. Alternatively, exercisers can focus exclusively on an upper body workout by setting their feet on pegs located on either side of the enclosed, shroud-covered fan.

The integrated console features eight pre-programmed workout options including goal-based distance, calories, heart rate and time selections or custom interval and high-intensity choices with messaging designed to keep workouts fresh and engaging.

The AirBike Elite design emphasises durability with features including a sweat-proof seat and a dual-stage chain drive system that requires less maintenance.

The Assault AirRunner is one of the lightest weight treadmills of its kind (280 lb / 127 kg), with no electrical consumption and a low carbon footprint that packs an intense workout into a small package. Speed is controlled solely by the exerciser and where they position themselves on the treadmill belt. With no on/off button or maximum speed, the AirRunner is specifically designed with H.I.I.T workouts in mind, allowing the exerciser to jump on and go, and to push their workout as hard as they want.

Easy to move and set up, both the AirBike Elite and the AirRunner can be used to add a high -intensity interval training component to functional training group exercise classes or specialised sessions, and can easily be combined with a Queenax ™ functional training unit to offer a dynamic group training experience.

Mike Dorman, Product Manager for Precor, comments: “Both of these products take up limited storage space and can greatly enhance training sessions. The AirRunner enables facilities with minimal space to incorporate running into workouts, while the AirBike Elite will provide a total body workout that compliments functional training programs.”

Presenting a multitude of ways to exercise different muscle groups, the AirBike Elite and AirRunner can be used in the following ways:


  • Total Body Workout
    Position hands and feet on handles and pedals, push and pull. Perform at a slow pace for recovery, or at an all-out speed during intervals.
  • Upper Body Workout
    Set feet on pegs and position hands on handles. Push or pull, driving with upper body.


  • Gait
    Walk on the treadmill to become familiar with the manually driven belt. To walk faster, stride out and reach feet in front of the uprights. When ready, change to a jog. If necessary, hold on to handrails during transition. To sprint, considering holding on to the handrails until confident. To slow down, hold on to the handrails, push up and lift feet to the side rails.
  • Side Shuffle
    Face sideways on the treadmill with both hands on one handrail. Start shuffling, making sure feet land in the center of the belt. Land one foot in front of the upright to increase speed.