Precor recently announced their new 600 Line of cardio products. So what exactly does that mean?

The 600 Line fills the “Good” role in Precor’s new “Good, Better, Best” product offering. It is a fully featured commercial cardio line that delivers on the essentials with premium materials and club-level appearance and features. The 600 Line is built on the same production line and shares key structural components with Precor’s 700 and 800 cardio lines. In fact, all three lines share the same frame to ensure durability that you can rely on. The 600 Line is the perfect choice for facilities that are looking to purchase performance inspired products, want entertainment and networked options, and need everything at a value price.

Console Options
One of the best features available for the 600 line is the ability to mix-and-match all Precor’s console options. This flexibility is ideal for a facility that wants to offer great entertainment options!

Click to Download Precor’s Mix-and-Match Cardio Brochure


Built on 700 and 800 production assembly lines
Shares proven frame and dash/front plastics with the 700 and 800 Lines

Approachable design
Simple and clean design

Easy to clean, maintain and service
One pass swipe of surfaces for easy cleaning

For the exerciser
Intuitive and easy to use
Similar feel as the 700 and 800 Lines

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