Programming to Increase Happiness Hormones presented by Angela Lee Jenkins.

The COVID crisis has brought with it a lot of fear, uncertainty, worry, anxiety and stress impacting the health and wellbeing of our clients even if they don’t get the virus. The good news is we can make choices, shift our focus and do specific things that can change our biochemistry and lead us towards more health and happiness!

As trainers we are in a privileged position to set up programs and sessions for our clients, which enable us to release more happiness hormones. How cool is that? Releasing hormones will not only help them feel happier but reduce their stress and improve their physical, mental and emotional wellbeing! Stress and fear increases cortisol, blood pressure and heart rate whereas happiness hormones can have the opposite effect.

In her PHD study ‘Habits of a Healthy Brain’ Loretta Breuning discusses 4 of our happiness hormones: Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin and Endorphin. When you understand these hormones and how they work you can modify your programs, lifestyle intervention and sessions to promote the production of these. Whether its setting small goals with rewards to get the Dopamine going or looking after our gut health where 80% of Serotonin is produced, we can consciously make choices towards more happiness. We can also set up our environments we train our clients in to bring more happiness. Different music, colours and smells all can influence our biochemical reactions. I’m sure you all have a song that brings a smile to your face and shifts your emotional state.

We are creatures with a survival focussed brain wired for fear so building these happiness loops into habits is so important to rewire our brain. A Harvard study showed even 84 year old pessimistic men became low levels optimists by applying some of these tools. Now that’s saying something! These men with very ingrained patters over a lot of years were able to shift. And trust me this stuff works. I’ve personally had to apply these tools having experienced some pretty challenging and traumatic times. It is possible. So not only can we improve the fitness and health of our clients we can help our clients build happiness in a healthy way instead of the ‘unhealthy’ happiness cycles many are stuck in. The dopamine addiction from Facebook likes or the feel-good sugar hits. Filling our happiness cup in other ways can help replace these unhealthy habits.

And as humans we are designed to move towards things that make us feel good and away from pain. So, if you can create more happiness for your clients, it’s great for retention and your business.

Something I love the most is that when you choose to be happy you can not only influence the happiness of your clients (think smiles and mirror neurons) but you can spread the happiness three degrees of separation to people you never meet! Think about that.

In the online masterclass I am presenting in June, Programming to Increase Happiness Hormones, not only will you get tools to help your business, your clients and yourself, but applying these tools can create a happy ripple effect. Something the world really needs now. Don’t wait for the happy ending…

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