Fitness Australia launches ‘Service Excellence Program’.

As the fitness industry looks towards the future, post COVID-19, Fitness Australia is setting a higher benchmark of standards, quality and service delivery with the launch of a new Service Excellence Program to drive greater consumer confidence, industry excellence and growth.

Fitness Australia CEO Barrie Elvish said the new program will spearhead the organisation’s focus on building a stronger and more professional fitness industry and enable exercise professionals to be recognised with other allied health professionals.

Mr Elvish said:

“It’s our responsibility to lead and really raise the bar for a new level of excellence – especially as the industry gets back on track post COVID-19.”

“Improving industry standards, quality, and service delivery will provide greater confidence and credibility as gyms reopen. Giving consumers greater comfort when returning to the gym and resume their exercise routine, or join a gym for the first time, is a positive outcome for all of us.”

“Our Service Excellence Program is also about taking a big step forward in professionalising the industry in the eyes of government, GPs and other allied health professionals.

“Like many organisations who are charting new waters, improving our offering and, quite simply, doing things better than we’ve ever done before will help our industry recovery.”

Under the Service Excellence Program, Fitness Australia will rollout ongoing initiatives focused on a higher level of service delivery.

The first two initiatives of the program to be implemented are:

  • Quality Assurance Employment
  • AusREP Accreditation

Soon, all Fitness Australia business members will be required to ensure all their personal trainers and instructors are registered with Fitness Australia.

Mr Elvish said the Quality Assurance Employment will provide consumers and businesses with the confidence and guarantee that their personal trainers and instructors are following industry best practice, protocols and guidelines and committed to their ongoing professional development.

Mr Elvish said:

“Increasing consumer confidence in the fitness industry now, and as we move forward into a post-COVID- 19 environment, is essential. Providing peace of mind that best practice protocols and guidelines are being adhered to needs to be a high priority for everyone in the industry.”

“By demanding and advocating for industry standards our members will gain more credibility that in turn will support a more open line of referrals from mental health practitioners, GPs and other health providers.”

“All of this leads to better health outcomes and wellbeing for people across Australian communities.”

The introduction of AusREP Accreditation in coming months will drive a higher standard of service delivery across the industry.

Mr Elvish said:

“There has been strong demand from the industry to improve service delivery and provide recognition for exercise professionals who are delivering exceptionally high standards. Providing an opportunity for AusREPs to be accredited is a huge step forward for the fitness industry.”

“Fitness Australia’s AusREP Accreditation sets a robust framework for the industry to be recognised professionally. It is the first accreditation ever in the fitness industry and one that Fitness Australia is very proud to offer.”

“The accreditation provides assurance to consumers and our industry that accredited AusREPs are professional, are committed to providing quality service, customer care, meeting industry standards and focused on their ongoing professional development. It will also enable exercise professionals and our industry to be recognised like other allied health professionals.”

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