Every quarter, FITREC fitness registration produces a magazine for the fitness industry.

The magazine is inspired by the FITREC community but made freely available to industry professionals and business owners everywhere.  

Take a dive into our biggest ever bumper issue and you’ll discover top (legal) tips for post-pandemic operations; industry insights from a global fitness report; helpful tips to help you make 2022 your best year-to-date in the industry; and more!  

Enjoy issue 9 at fitr.ec/rtb 

Articles include; 

➡ PT’s, make 2022 your best year ever 

➡ Building a winning fitness team 

➡ How to beat the big fitness apps 

➡ The elephant in the pandemic room 

➡ How to be an employer of choice 

➡ Turning PT into a proper business 

➡ And much more… 

We truly enjoy making available such an amazing resource for the Australian (and international) fitness industry. All articles are selected because they provide immediately usable information and/or relevant information. 

Thank you to all contributors, as well as those that helped massage it into the professional magazine that it is… 

Bupa, Sean Greeley, Ryan Hogan, Brenden Clark, miha bodytec GmbH, BF Brokers Group, Cameron Prosser, Conny Schuh, Tarek Michael-Chouja, Adrian Faccioni, Chris Digby, Steve Grant, Paul Taylor, Grant Schofield, Kate Dzienis, Evolt 360, Bekk Millwood, Pip Taylor, Erin Prout, Christoph Mauss, Marietta Mehanni, Chantal Semaan, 20PerFit, Lisa Hamlin, Athletics and Fitness Association of America – AFAA, Analee Gale, Jack Lee, Bec Jeynes, Luis Carranza, Mel Tempest 

FITREC is a Government recognised registration service for fitness professionals and businesses. FITREC provides industry-leading levels of transparency and accountability and has been instrumental in raising standards throughout the fitness industry.