Enter Recovery Lab, an accumulated suite of services and products designed to enhance physical and mental recovery from the demands of exercise and training by using proactive and measuring means.

Recovery Lab have recently opened their newest studio in Richmond, Melbourne. Assisting a community of like minded individuals that want to achieve the concept of self care and recovery as their priority. Alongside other franchises located in Windsor VIC, and Townsville QLD, the organisation was created with the sole purpose of helping people recover and unwind from their busy schedules, whilst having a ‘proactive rather than reactive’ approach to wellbeing.

In wanting all of their clients to not only feel better, Recovery Lab helps individuals to recognise how performance and wellbeing can be improved and why it should be optimised. Aimed towards fitness professionals, personal trainers, weekend warriors and the everyday person that wants to feel good – it is the ultimate destination to relax, recover and recharge.

Recovery Lab Richmond franchisees Josh and Jake Milner, two brothers who joined forces with long-time friend Dylan Thomas, took part in establishing one of the first of many Recovery Lab franchises in Australia. All three owners are Richmond locals and felt a Recovery Lab was essentially needed in the area. With so many residents keeping up with life’s demands and attending gyms, fitness centres, yoga and pilates studios on a regular basis – they understood how crucial personal care is and wanted to give access to the best recovery modalities. Bringing a wealth of knowledge into the fitness industry and growing up in such an eccentric environment, it was important for them to offer locals a place where they can revitalise after physical training or even so from the demands of everyday life.

Co-Owner Josh, coming from a position of being the Head of Performance for the Carlton AFLW’s team said:

“Working alongside fitness professionals and understanding the importance of recuperation, I found an appreciation in Recovery Lab as it brought these scientifically tested modalities all into the one place to achieve this. With Richmond being a place of growth, liveliness and action – we believed that building a sanctuary to unwind and recharge is paramount for such a community – we can’t wait to now be able to finally open up that opportunity and aid people throughout their wellness journey.”

Changing the game and incorporating all elements of recovery in a comfortable, convenient space, Recovery Lab proactively focuses on repairing and supporting the body’s needs in order to reach full potential and optimal performance. It comes to show that a recovery ritual incorporated into weekly health programs substantially improves training outcomes, performance, sleep and mood.

Recovery Lab Richmond has an expansive list of products and services available, all aimed at the recovery of the body and mind. Including:

● Nucalm: NuCalm uses proven neuroscience to calm the mind, improve sleep, reduce stress, whilst giving anyone that uses it a mental edge. The advantages of NuCalm treatment extend well beyond the sports arena and into everyday life. Anyone who needs to recharge, refresh or reboot will benefit from its powerful relaxing effects, where the equivalent of two hours’ sleep is achieved in just 20 minutes. NuCalm has also been found to lower heart rate & blood pressure, enhance immune function & lower stress hormone production.

● Infrared Sauna: Infrared saunas function differently from traditional saunas, but the health benefits are just as far-reaching. At Recovery Lab, they use market-leading full spectrum saunas that generate the powerful therapeutic energy of near, mid and far-infrared rays, with each penetrating the body to a different degree.

● Ice Baths: Ice bath therapy soothes sore and tired muscles following strenuous training sessions or events by quickly relieving inflammation and delayed onset muscle pain (DOMS). Immersion in iced water makes blood vessels constrict, whilst flushing out toxins, boosting the immune system, easing fatigue and improving sleep patterns.

● Compression Boots: Compression not only relieves symptoms of damage to the muscular system, but it can tackle the cause of muscle soreness at the source and thereby improve performance. The technology helps to increase the venous return and rapidly accelerates the body’s reabsorption of elements causing muscle fatigue and soreness.

● Compex: Electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) is a science-based training and recovery tool. It speeds up the process of renewing both oxygen and nutrients in the muscles, which helps to flush out toxins and accelerate recovery. Compex is also effective in aiding pain management, reducing muscle damage and increasing explosive strength.

Built for the people, by the people, Recovery Lab is growing a community of like-minded individuals who not only are looking to improve their performance, but also relieve the physical and mental fatigue from sport, work or everyday life. Josh, Jake and Dylan couldn’t be more excited to bring the Richmond community a ‘convenient and relaxing studio space’ with scientifically proven modalities to help recover and attain optimal performance. Together they take pride in customising each client’s journey, looking forward to providing ongoing support and mentorship, gaining authentic connections and adding value to each experience.