Les Mills Instructors, LES MILLS+ subscribers and other class devotees in Australia and Southeast Asia can now book their spot at Australia’s biggest group fitness party – LES MILLS LIVE Melbourne.

Heading to the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre on the 13th and 14th of August, LES MILLS LIVE Melbourne will see 1,000 attendees experience the new Quarter 3 Releases across 11 Les Mills programs.

Ryan Hogan, Chief Executive Officer of Les Mills Asia Pacific says:

“Over two days, there are 14 sessions to choose from, as well as a one-hour opportunity to meet and greet some of the world’s most inspiring Program Directors, Les Mills Ambassadors, Presenters and Instructors.”

“Tickets are $64.95 for Les Mills Instructors and $84.95 for non-Les Mills Instructors, and people can register to experience as many of the programs that are on offer, as they like. It’s a really great opportunity for people who are already familiar with one or a few Les Mills programs, to try new ones that they may otherwise not get to.”

The event is set to delight LES MILLS+ subscribers, who may not have had the chance to experience a live Les Mills class in-person.

“LES MILLS+ is our on-demand streaming subscription, where people can do Les Mills programs outside their gym – so, at home or on-the-go; and it’s awesome. But, there’s nothing quite like experiencing a live Les Mills class, where you are surrounded by other people, you’re fully immersed in the awesome music, and you’re being taught by rockstar Instructors and Presenters who give out a vibe that just has to be seen to be believed! If you think about music – in general – you know how you can enjoy your favourite tunes on Spotify, but it simply doesn’t compare to the experience of going to a real life concert. Les Mills programs are the same. Nothing is better than a live experience.”

LES MILLS LIVE Melbourne is expected to sell out. To secure your spot go to www.lesmills.com.au/live/melbourne