Fitillion solves a key group fitness challenge for Northern Beaches residents.

Although group training is a much-loved activity among Northern Beaches residents, Fitillion realised that one-size-fits-all group training workouts weren’t effective enough to target individual fitness goals.

After noticing this gap in the market, Fitillion developed a product that would give fitness enthusiasts a platform to access personalised exercises and meal plans in a group format.

Fitillion CEO Mike Kunitz explains:

“Traditional group fitness settings don’t always consider members’ fitness levels, exposing many to the wrong exercises that don’t deliver the desired results. We realised that doing the same workout as everyone else isn’t necessarily the best way to reach your fitness goal.”

Knowing how much the area’s residents enjoy group fitness, Fitillion’s Brookvale gym allows members to set their fitness goals and skill levels while providing personalised workouts, meal plans, and progress tracking. As a result, members can achieve their own fitness goals while still being a part of a fun group fitness environment.

Mike adds:

“We know how much Aussies enjoy group fitness, but we also understand that individuals have different goals and lifestyles. So, we created a gym that includes the best of both worlds.”

Fitillion currently features 15,000 exercises and aims to expand to many more territories over the coming years. The company is also expanding its home fitness app and gym equipment products to provide members with a truly hybrid fitness experience.

Fitillion’s Brookvale gym is expected to open its doors at Westfield Warringah Mall in early 2023.

Fitillion is an innovative fitness-tech company founded in Sydney, Australia, in 2018. Fitillion are the pioneers of Personalised Group Fitness, which enables members to perform functional training workouts, that are completely customised for each member, within motivating group fitness classes. Learn more: