Major changes to Aussie breakfast as 55 new cereals, muesli and breakfast on the go launch at Coles.

Coles has transformed its breakfast aisle this week with an increased range of healthy breakfast options – previously found in the health food aisle – now sitting alongside traditional cereals, making it easier for customers to find healthy alternatives for Australia’s first meal of the day.

The major shift in the Coles breakfast aisle will see 55 new innovative and nutritious products arrive exclusively at Coles to support the growing customer demand for healthy, delicious and best value muesli, cereal, oats and breakfast on the go.

New products include Coles’ first-ever breakfast in beverage form, Breakfast on the Move (BOM), Wellness Road toasted muesli range with high fibre grain BARLEYmax®, and an exclusive range of 11 nutritious ‘Goodness Bowl’ cereals and low sugar mueslis from Uncle Toby’s.

With 97% of Coles customers shopping in the breakfast aisle every week, the tailored layout will help make dietary options such as gluten free cereals more accessible and easier for customers to find in one destination, including a new ‘Gluten Free Cereal’ section – previously only found in the health food aisle.

Typically considered one of the most important meals of the day, more than half of Australians reportedly skip breakfast with lack of time as a contributing factor, and one in three Australians report missing out on a healthier breakfast at least three times a week.[1]

Coles customer research found that health and value are the major factors that customers consider when deciding what to eat for breakfast, while also identifying an increase in demand for more convenient, “portable breakfasts,” with 80% of customers saying they preferred beverages at breakfast time over meals.[2]

Breakfast on the Move provides a head start to the day with a 5-star health rating, 11 vitamins and minerals, low Gi® endorsement, prebiotic fibre for gut health, a source of protein, and no artificial flavours and colours.

Made with Aussie milk, BOM has a thick texture and can be used as a convenient breakfast solution to fuel teenagers and time-poor customers on the move. The range includes six delicious flavours: banana, strawberry, chocolate, vanilla, coffee and cookie, 250mL available in a 3 pack. There are 5 flavour varieties also available in a 6 pack (excluding cookie flavour).

Coles’ new Wellness Road toasted muesli range contains high fibre grain BARLEYmax®, prebiotic fibre and resistant starch to promote gut health, beta-glucan which helps lower cholesterol, source of protein and no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. Made in Australia using Aussie oats, the range includes four flavours; Super nutty; Fruit & nut; Cranberry & raspberry; and Almond & apple, available in 500g packs.

Coles General Manager for Grocery, Leanne White, said the reinvigorated breakfast aisle is one giant leap towards delivering Coles’ purpose to sustainably feed all Australians to help them lead happier and healthier lives.

She said:

“Customers will love the simplicity of finding their favourite breakfast products in the main aisle and making healthy choices part of their everyday lives. Products such as cereals, oils and nut spreads, originally located in the health food aisle, will move to their respective product aisles, meaning similar food groups will now be located next to each other.”

“We know how important health and value is to our shoppers so we’ve introduced new products like BOM to provide a convenient and more affordable breakfast on-the-go solution, as well as partnering with Uncle Toby’s to exclusively stock their Goodness Bowl range for customers looking for tasty new alternatives to traditional cereal and muesli.

“The changes we’ve made to one of our most popular categories at Coles, will help make it easier, enjoyable and affordable for millions of customers, particularly those with special dietary requirements, to shop for suitable healthy breakfast options.”