SCW Fitness Education was chosen from over 1,000 global entries as a winner in the prestigious Chief Marketer’s 2022 PRO Award competition in the category of Best Health and Wellness Campaign.

SCW is proud to accept this Pro Award from the world’s leading and largest awards recognition program for excellence in brand activation and promotion marketing for over 30 years.

Judges for the competition were comprised of high level marketing specialists from major companies like Chipotle, Bayer, Disney, and more. SCW was honored to be one of the few winners that conducts its marketing in-house, as opposed to those who utilize an outside marketing agency. SCW combined their educational expertise, and of course creative skills, to masterfully design a promotional campaign for the virtual event, the SCW Nutrition Coaching Summit. Winning this award was particularly impressive because it was up against submissions from professional marketing companies. Other high-profile brand winners were campaigns from Starbucks, Adidas, Geico, McDonalds, Nestle and the list goes on. These campaigns utilise a significantly larger staff and much higher advertising budgets.

Sara Kooperman, JD, SCW Fitness Owner & CEO, says:

“I am so proud of this incredibly talented group of individuals. They always produce a product that exceeds my expectations. This is really their award, not mine.”

At the beginning of the pandemic, Kooperman quickly pivoted her primarily in-person business to deliver 19 live-streaming fitness professional conventions over 24 months. Since no live-streaming convention programs existed at the beginning of the pandemic, this self-taught “SCW Stream Team” built their own proprietary live-stream convention site and successfully launched and trained staff, presenters and attendees on how to use the program. This included the awarded Nutrition Coaching Summit virtual event campaign. The approach to the Nutrition Coaching Summit campaign was to differentiate from other organizations offering similar conferences in the virtual space, most of which are very utilitarian in approach.

The Nutrition Coaching Summit promotions were to rely heavily on pun-driven analogies and cheeky imagery to capture the attention of the audience. With the ultimate goal of revenue and attendance, this unique approach brought more visibility to the brand, resulting in high numbers of registrations.

The marketing strategy was to use the already established promotion schedule from prior SCW online events and adapt it to the Nutrition Coaching Summit. Price point was the very first consideration, as fitness professionals were hit hard economically by the pandemic and have to be extremely choosy when deciding where to allocate their funds towards education. Keeping the entry point of attendance under $100 was paramount.

A custom site was built to make sure that the event didn’t seem like a regurgitation of any prior event. Even though it was built on the backbone of those prior events, it had to establish its own identity and voice.

The target audience needed to feel positive about their decision to attend a virtual event on a Saturday (a valuable day off in most fitness and wellness professionals schedules). The event and surrounding promotions couldn’t feel like drudgery. SCW felt (and still feels) strongly that education can be valued as serious and rewarding, while also being entertaining and fun.

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