Since 1989, we have been bringing non-competing business owners and managers together to discuss leadership, best business practices, industry trends and consumer direction to ensure we all stay ahead of the industry curve. This is the general explanation of what happens at a REX Roundtable but it is so much more! And really words cannot describe a REX Roundtable, you have to experience one! You can join us for an information session at 1pm April 8th (EDT) or 7:30pm April 8th (EDT)/9:30am April 9th (AEST).

REX Roundtable is not about your Chair, it is about your peers.
We have some of the industry’s finest thinkers who lead REX Roundtables and they add enormous value to every Roundtable – that’s their job! They bring education, out of industry trends, and a wealth of experience. They also ensure all REX members have equal time in meetings to share, ask and talk through their challenges.

Come along to a REX Roundtable meeting to find out more:

Thursday April 8th @ 1pm (US EST)

Thursday April 8th @ 7:30pm (US EST) /Friday April 9th @ 9:30am (AEST)

REX Roundtables is built on best practices.
When a member shares a ‘Million Dollar Nugget ‘– an incredible idea – the group make sure they hear all the details to the idea. Together they dive deep in to the detail so the presenter can refine their idea and their peers ascertain if something similar would work in their business.

REX Roundtables is built on accountability.
Knowing the direction owners and managers are heading makes REX even more positively profound for each other. When a member commits to a goal, their Roundtable supports them to achieve that goal with resources to help them, lending their brain power or just being there. Sometimes they will challenge their fellow member to rethink that goal, set a higher standard or even be brutally honest and share that goal is not what the business needs at that moment. This sharing and accountability makes REX Roundtable unique.

REX Roundtables is built on trust.
Every meeting we have members share a little about themselves that shows their strengths and weaknesses. They share their goals and aspirations in both business and life. This opening up to each other allows us to build trust, which gives us permission to ask difficult questions to each other.

If You Cannot Make These Times But Want More Information To Enhance The Quality of Your Business And Life.

You can chat with Eddie on 914 643 3207 or email him

You can chat with JT on 0499 088 623 or email him