As gyms, clubs and studios reopen their physical premises, there are a number of conditions they must complying with and the most consistent is social distancing or physical distancing.

By now we all know what that means – the 1.5m physical distance between humans!  It doesn’t mean we have to be socially distant.  We can still wave, smile and even converse with others, so long as they are 1.5m from us.   

Let’s ensure we are all physically distant but after being closed for numerous weeks, many of us are craving the opposite of socially distant!  It is an innate human need for that social interaction, so allow it . . . promote it . . . have your team set examples of it . . . just keep the physical distance! 

Staff Tip for reducing social distancing – Increase your team’s skills in their ability to listen! You can guarantee members will want to talk, so they must be prepared to listen!  This is an excellent opportunity to really show members how much you care about them by simply listening to them!  Hint – carry a note pad and jot down some of the details they share, so you can remember them when you chat with them again. 

Staff Tip for establishing physical distancing – Ensure your team set the example of 1.5m and even use the palms up ‘stop’ signal should members get too close to them (ie when they hone in for a welcome back cuddle) or other members.  They can use humour to break down any tension. 

Visual Tip for enhancing physical distancing – your signage will of course be important.  There are now hundreds of places you can download free signage, so make sure you’re organised. 

Branding Tip for physical distancing – show how serious you are with your physical distancing by changing your business logo and even logos within the gym. 

We have changed our logo to support the fitness industry.

We were inspired by Myzone

And some of our clients have made changes to their logos too


And big businesses like McDonalds, Mastercard, Audi, VW, Google and even the Tokyo 2020 Olympic logo was changed.