Health and fitness business sales specialists, Fitness Business Sales (FBS), have welcomed SpeedFit as the ninth fitness franchise brand to join their ever-growing portfolio of clients.

FBS Founder and Managing Director, Damien Bain, said:

“We partnered with SpeedFit in November 2021,” Since launching in Perth in 2013, they’ve grown their network of franchise locations throughout Western Australia, Victoria, New South Wales and most recently the ACT. With eighteen studios in WA alone, the brand is now ready to take their success to a new level – especially on the East Coast, which is why they sought support and guidance to achieve this next phase of their expansion plans.”

“SpeedFit is a unique, highly effective 20-minute workout that is based on electronic muscle stimulation (EMS) training,” explains SpeedFit Founder, Matej Varhalik. “This scientifically-proven method has been used in rehabilitation and sports medicine for decades in Europe.”

“EMS machines mimic the natural action of your central nervous system, sending electrical impulses that contract your muscles. So, in just 20 minutes, an EMS machine will give you the same results as several hours spent sweating in the gym, making it an incredibly time-efficient way to work out.”

Upon arrival to a SpeedFit studio, your instructor provides you with your own machine, before guiding you through a personalised workout that has been designed precisely for you and your body.

Matej said:

“SpeedFit EMS personal training is a complete fitness solution for all-round training, rapidly producing effective, visible results. Every workout is tailored to an individual’s needs, so the training can be modified to suit the elderly or injured, all the way through to elite and highly conditioned athletes. The benefits of regular SpeedFit training are many and varied, including fat loss, muscle toning, strength gains, injury prevention, improved posture, reduced cellulite, and improved overall health and wellbeing.”

“SpeedFit studios are not like traditional gyms .You’ll recognise them for being smaller and more intimate spaces, which are impressively clean – and with only a few people present at any one time, it’s the ideal workout option during these socially distanced times.”

By the end of January, SpeedFit will have 30 franchise locations across WA, NSW, ACT and VIC.

Damien said:

“In 2022, we aim to open another 10 SpeedFit sites throughout NSW, VIC, SA and QLD.”

FBS specialises in helping gym owners increase the profitability of their business through growth, streamlined operations or even selling it for the best possible return. To find out more about SpeedFit franchises or to discover how FBS can assist you to expand or sell your fitness business email