Creating new workouts and class plans is fun but can be super time-consuming. So why not create one workout plan that you can do over and over with just small tweaks?

That’s right, all you need to do is create a base class and then mix it up by changing one of the class elements. Not only does this save you a tonne of planning time, but it also gives members a chance to practice and perfect their movement techniques.

Get the most out of your class planning time with The GXu Remix Formula

  1. G (goal & guide): Set a goal using your planning guide
  2. X (exercises): Pick your exercises and craft your base class
  3. U (unlimited remixes): Create unlimited remixes by tweaking various class elements

While it might take you some time at first, once you get the hang of it, you’ll find that it makes your class planning life so much easier (and actually more fun).

1: Think about your class goal

It’s really true, all good classes start with a super-specific goal statement. You know, all about what you want people to get out of your class and how they’ll get there. A statement that actually gives direction and isn’t just “let’s get a good sweaty workout in.”

Craft your goal statement by identifying what to focus on for each of the seven elements of a class design.

  • Training Focus (cardiovascular, resistance training, range of motion, mind-body)
  • Drill Pattern (circuit, superset, AMRAP, EMOM, etc.)
  • Frequency: how often (sets)
  • Intensity: how hard
  • Time: how many (reps)
  • Equipment (pick 1-3 pieces)
  • Music (background or driving force)

Armed with all this info, now you can write your class goal statement.

2: Pick the exercises

Your options are truly endless when it comes to picking exercises, and there’s lots of things to consider (like the format of your class, who’s in class, the space you have, and what you know how to coach super well.) But the top question to ask yourself is…

Will you focus on movement or muscle?

Here at GXunited we focus on movement pattern-based training and 11 different movement patterns. But that’s not the only way. If you love picking your exercises based on muscle groups – do it.

Simply pick 8-10 exercises that move in all planes of motion. Then throw these exercises into an Exercise Selection Chart – identifying the movement pattern, plane of motion, body position, and muscle groups involved.

3: Write the Base Class Plan

You’ve done all work, now you put it into action with your Base Class Plan.

Quick tips for crafting a good workout experience

  1. Limit the time spent changing equipment.
  2. Consider the order of exercises and think about the “up and down” nature of transitions.
  3. Give appropriate rest periods based on the intensity and training focus.

There you have it. From a simple checklist to a full class plan, you’ve done it! Now we can craft a full library of remixes from that simple base class plan.

Mix it up with remixes
To create remixes, all you do is change one (or two) class elements to give a whole new experience.  For example, if your base class used dumbbells, switch to kettlebells. Nothing else in your class plan will change, but the workout will feel completely different. Maybe take a class originally designed as 3 circuits and change it to 4 supersets. Again, nothing else in the workout changes, you just are left with an entirely different feeling workout.

In GXu Remix 1: Pure Strength – you’ll notice this is exactly what we did. We made these minor changes and kept everything else the same (including the warm-up and cool-down). When you experience the class (available on GXunited.TV), you’ll notice how different it feels, yet at the roots it’s the exact same.

Base Class Remix Element Changed
Dumbbells Kettlebells Equipment
3 Circuits 5 Supersets Drill Pattern
Strength-endurance Strength-power Training Focus

It really is that simple! When you have the foundations set and you know where you’re going, it really is easy to make shifts and create a full library of remixes in no time at all and once you get a handle on this, your options really do become endless for crafting remixes.

Enjoy creating remixes based off your Base Class Plan and the 7 Class Elements.

by Summer Sides (Spotlite 41, SCW Fitness Education)